All attendees are required to activate their wristbands. Activate yours with your Coachella account.


2014 Official Mobile Apps

Activate Your Wristband
Wristband activation is required & the mobile app is the simplest way.

Create Your Personal Coachella Timeline
Document your experience with this amazingly intuitive feature. Log in to your Coachella account to update your status, post photos of performances and events, and tag all your friends. It’s your entire Coachella experience displayed in a visually beautiful feed.

The Coachooser
Check out the Lineup section to view the entire schedule for both weekends, and add your favorite acts to create your own personalized schedule as a handy reference. Make sure to share your favorite performers with your friends using your favorite social network or email.

Browse Eating/Drinking Options
In Eat & Drink, you can find all the awesome food/drink options at the festival.  Use the “my menu” feature to plan your meals and save your favorites.  Be sure to submit your reviews!

Fun & Essentials
Browse all the great attractions, retailers, and other essential points of interest that are part of Coachella this year. Make sure to review your favorites.

Post highlights on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram directly from the app plus
find all the news and blog p osts related to Coachella. In addition, you can see what other festival-goers are saying about the festivities, and even see all the great Instagram photos taken at Coachella!

Speaking of Instagram, you yourself can add to the amazing collection of Coachella photos with the Camera feature. Take a picture of your friends or favorite Coachella moment, apply a unique filter to it, and share it on Instagram and other social networks.

Coachella Message Boards
Join the vibrant and active community, participate in the lively discussions, express your opinions or do some solid trolling, and make new friends.

Other Features:
• Search interactive venue & parking maps
• Receive instant news & info updates
• Use Bluetooth to interact with beacons placed around the grounds.


Download the app on the iTunes App Store                        or Google Play