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APR 14-16 & 21-23

2022 Frequently Asked Questions


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Are refunds available if 2022 Coachella is postponed or canceled?
 If the festival is postponed or cancelled your festival passes will automatically be honored at the rescheduled date. Should you be unable to attend the new date, refunds will be offered within 30 days of the announced rescheduled date. If the festival is canceled, your festival passes will be refunded directly through our ticket vendors. We cannot verify the policies of any third-party ticket resellers.
What Covid-19 safety precautions will be taken at the festival?
Please review our Health & Safety info here
Buy, why?!
Can my band play at Coachella? Can I DJ at Coachella?
We’ll contact you if interested. Thanks!
Will you be posting set times in advance?
Yes. Set times will be posted on the Coachella Mobile App (Apple Store | Google Play) a couple of days before the festival. 
What's the best time to arrive?
You should definitely plan to arrive several hours early to be on the safe side. Please be prepared for significant delays if you choose to disobey all signage and staff. Carpool, carpool, CARPOOL! For the easiest and fastest arrival and departure, take a shuttle.
What time does the festival end?
1am-ish on Fri/Sat and 12am on Sun - give or take a few.
Is there an age limit/rule?
No. The festival is all ages.
Wow, there are lots of artists performing! Will I see all of them?
There is no guarantee. Many artists will be performing at the same time and some areas will have limited capacities. You should plan accordingly and arrive early if there’s a particular performer you really want to see. Also, the lineup is always subject to change (whether due to volcanoes or any other reason).
What will the weather be like at the festival? How hot will it be during the day and how cold will it be at night?
What are you doing to ensure my safety at the festival?
For more on Public Safety, Click Here
I'm a member of the media? How do I make arrangements for a media pass?
Please visit our contact page and select “Press/Media Inquiries”.
I'm a photographer (for a big, stuffy important publication, for a hip online news outlet, for my own blog, for myself, etc.). How do I make arrangements for a photo pass?
Photo Passes will be distributed at the discretion of the Festival and cannot be specifically requested as part of your press application. We will provide syndicated photos from our on-site photographers for use.
Are you hiring workers, volunteers, photographers/video people, etc for the event?
No, but thanks for checking! If we change our minds or anything opens up, we will post about it.
Can I distribute flyers or promotional items inside the venue? What about outside?
No. Anyway, marketing is totally overrated, and you should be trying to use less paper.
How do I become a food vendor ... or a non-food vendor?
Food Vending: Please visit our contact page and select “Food Vending.”

Non-Food Vending: Please visit our contact page.
I'm going to the festival, but not camping on site. Can I join in on all the cool stuff happening in the campgrounds?
Anyone with a valid Festival Wristband is welcome in Car & Tent Camping at any time.

However, there is no overnight parking available without a Car Camping or Camping Companion Parking Pass. If you parked in Day Parking or Preferred Parking, your car will be towed after 2am. Any Line Shuttles end outbound service one hour after the music stops. And the Rideshare Lot closes at 3am.

Keep this in mind before wandering off to Camping to keep the party going.
Can I come to the Thursday night campground party if I'm not camping?
Anyone with a valid Festival Wristband can enter Camping at any time. Be aware that there is no parking available on Thursday without a Car Camping or Camping Companion Parking Pass.

If you can find another way to arrive (e.g., taxi, rideshare, shuttle, bike, walk, cartwheel, swim, astral projection), you are more than welcome to join the party.

If you’re catching a ride, please go to Pick-Up & Drop-Off (Lot 2A).
Can I use passes, wristbands or the Coachella name to promote my website, product or event?
No. The Coachella trademarks, intellectual property, passes and wristbands may not be used for advertising, promotions, contests, sweepstakes or any commercial purpose. Our official festival sponsors do so with the express permission of the festival organizers. Please review our wristband terms of use.
Can I sell my [insert crap I want to sell] in the parking lots, camping area or venue?
No. If you don’t have vending approval from the festival organizers, your items will be surrendered/confiscated.

Passes, Order & Shipping

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Are there single day passes?
No. We only sell 3-day Festival Passes.
Is a festival pass three separate tickets?
No. A Festival Pass is a single wristband that is worn for the entire weekend.
How do I activate my wristband?
Download the Coachella Mobile App (Apple Store | Google Play) to activate your wristband.
Can I switch weekends after I ordered my passes?
Please review our Waitlist & Exchange page.
I accidentally damaged or lost my wristband. What should I do?
Any damaged or tampered with wristbands will not be allowed for accessing the Festival You may inquire further at info@coachella.com. Please include your order number and be as detailed as possible describing your situation.
I purchased passes for both weekends. Can I put them both on at the same time?
No. Only wear one wristband at a time. If you wear more than one wristband, the scanners will be unable to read them properly and you will not be able to enter the festival.
I bought passes from a "friend" (scalper, third party, some dude off Craigslist that I'm telling you is my friend). How can I verify that they're valid and will work?
Only passes you originally purchased through Coachella’s official ticketing partners can be guaranteed as valid.

Do not buy passes from an unauthorized 3rd party or scalper. We will not offer customer service, authentication or support for any passes purchased through any unauthorized 3rd parties. You will only know that your third party pass is valid when it successfully scans into the Venue EACH day. Activating a wristband does not guarantee the wristband is (or will remain) valid for all three days.

Scalped passes are subject to cancellation at any time without warning.
Can I give my pass to a friend? How?
Sure! Hand your package to your friend when it arrives or change your shipping address to theirs (it will still have your name on it though so please alert your friend). Make sure your friend activates their own wristband. Tell them to follow the directions in the package.

(You will still show up in our records as the original purchaser. That can’t be changed.)

Please note: If your package is unable to be delivered for any reason whatsoever, you, the original purchaser, will be required to pick it up from the Box Office as no alternate Will Call pickups are allowed.

Please review our Shipping Info for more details.
Where can I check on my order?
Please note, access may be off or limited just prior to passes going on sale.

To access your existing festival ticketing account, create a new account or update current information, please use the following link: Access Festival Purchase Account
*Lyte orders too

For help with your order/account, please contact ticket purchase support:
9am-5pm Mon-Fri (MST)

For help with any international orders purchased through Festicket, please visit support.festicket.com.
How do I get a hold of the ticketing company? Who do I talk to if I have order questions?
Festival Ticketing Support:
Mon-Fri, 10am-4pm (MST)

Festicket (our international Ticketing Partner) 

Fan-To-Fan Exchange (powered by Lyte)
My friend got their order or got an email notification that their order is coming and I didn't get mine yet. When should I start panicking? What should I do?!
It will take a minimum of four weeks to complete shipping for each weekend. Your patience is appreciated. Please review our Shipping Info for details.
Are payment plans available? Can I divide my order into multiple payments?
Sorry, there are no payment plans available.
Can I use a debit card for purchase?
We recommend using an actual credit card, not a debit card. If you are using a debit card, make sure you know your daily withdrawal limit. If you exceed that amount, your card may be rejected and order lost. Contact your bank to inquire about your debit card limit.
Can I order passes via phone?
Sure, though it may be difficult to get through on the day passes go on sale.  Good luck.

Mon-Fri, 910am-4pm (MST)
When is my order being shipped? How do I track my order?
Please review our Shipping Info for more information.
Is my only option to have passes shipped? Can I pick them up somewhere?
Shipping is the only option available for purchases made in the USA. International orders will have the opportunity to select to pick-up their order at the offsite Box Office, located near the festival.
How do I update my shipping address?
For "Festival Ticketing" orders, click here for instructions. 

For "Festicket" orders, please visit http://support.festicket.com
What is the last day I can change my shipping address?
Please review all Shipping details here.
What if my order was shipped to the wrong address or returned to sender?
Please review all Shipping details here.
Can someone else pick up my order at will call?
Only the original purchaser can pick up the order. No alternate name changes or pick-ups allowed. A valid photo ID, order number and the credit card used to place your order are required at the time of pick up.

Please review our Shipping Info for more information.
How do I contact Valley Music Travel to check on my hotel travel package?
Please visit Valley Music Travel.
¿Es legítimo Live Tours? ¿Cómo puedo contactar con ellos? (Is Live Tours legit? How can I contact them?)
Sí. Son legítimos. Puede ponerse en contacto con ellos en livetours.mx.

Yes. They are legit. You can contact them at livetours.mx.
How do I remove or update the data associated with my Advance Sale or Presale Registration?

If you want to remove the data you inputted for the advance sale or presale registration, email presale@tunespeak.com

I bought insurance, how do I contact them?
Allianz Global Assistance
Claims Dept. #: 800-334-7525
Main Line Phone #: 1-866-884-3556
Can I get a refund for my Coachella pass?
 As a reminder, all sales are final, no refunds . Please check out our official Fan-To-Fan exchange.

Exchange & Waitlist

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I am looking to return my passes:
You can try selling your passes on the exchange.
If there are enough fans on the waitlist, Lyte will make you an offer on the spot—sometimes more and sometimes less than you paid, depending on demand for passes.

I am looking to request a pass that is sold out:
Request the pass you’re looking for and lock in the price with a credit card.
Once Lyte finds the passes you requested, you will be charged exactly what Lyte quoted you. No hidden fees.
View or cancel your request at any time before it is filled.

What is the Fan-To-Fan Exchange?
The Fan-To-Fan Exchange, powered by Lyte, is a place where you can return or request passes once a certain pass type sells out. 
When will I know if I have passes on the Fan-To-Fan Exchange?
Wait time depends on availability. Hang in there! Lyte has been able to fill up to 98% of requests for other big events. Pass returns pick up the most in the last month. That’s when the line really starts moving.
Can I pay for my waitlist purchase through a payment plan?
No, payment plans are not available for the waitlist.
I want to understand Lyte pricing:
Lyte prices are based on fair market value and may be higher than original prices if there are significantly more requests than passes. Lyte technology drives prices back to the original value. By using the Fan-to-Fan Exchange, you are helping us in our fight against scalping.
Why are the prices sometimes higher than face value on the Fan-To-Fan Exchange?
There are often far more people trying to buy passes than there are passes available. When that is the case we sometimes have to pay over face value to fans returning their passes. Prices through Lyte’s Fan-To-Fan Exchange are always better than prices on unofficial resale sites and all passes sold through the Exchange are 100% guaranteed.
I have a question/issue with the Fan-To-Fan Exchange that is not answered here?
Lyte’s customer support is standing by for you. Learn more about Lyte here. Contact them here and they will get right back to you.
Can I sell a pass I bought from someone else through the exchange?
You must be the original purchaser of the wristband to sell your wristband on the Official Wristband Exchange.
Why can’t I return my passes before the pass type I’m trying to return is sold out?
If there is no waitlist for passes there are no other fans with whom to exchange. For now you can sign up and we will notify you once your pass type has sold out.
If my weekend swap isn't processed can I still get a refund?
 No, but you will be able to return your passes through the Fan-to-Fan Exchange and get on the waitlist for the weekend you would like to attend.

What Can I Bring?

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Do you have a list of what is and isn't allowed?
Check the Rules Page for information on allowed items.
How do I bring my medical prescription?
All prescriptions must be in properly labeled containers that match the holder’s ID (No pillboxes!).
How do I bring insulin or other medical-related items or supplies?
You should identify yourself to security as you wait to enter the Venue. Security will locate the medical staff adjacent to the main entrance who will assist you in providing a secure area to store all items. Medical-related items that are not available for purchase on site, food included, may be brought in. You may be asked to provide an official doctor’s note or prescription detailing the necessity of the item.
Hey, since cannabis is legal now, that means I can use it at Coachella, right?
Sorry, bro. Cannabis or cannabis products aren’t allowed inside the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival—even in 2020 and beyond. If that changes, we will update this answer.
Are strollers allowed in the venue?
Yes. But, only if it’s for an infant or toddler.
How big is a medium backpack? How will this be enforced?
A medium backpack should be no bigger than 20″ tall, 15″ wide and 9″ thick when fully packed. Bags will have to fit into a box of that size, similar to the system used to check the size of carry-on luggage at airports. If the bag doesn’t fit in the box, you won’t be allowed inside the Venue.
What are considered "professional" cameras?
Professional cameras are any cameras with a detachable lens. No DSLRs either.
So, I can bring a parasol, but not an umbrella? What's the difference?
You’ve got it right. Here are some examples:  

Can I bring a sign or totem? Can you elaborate on your "no totems" rule?
No signs are allowed. This includes all handheld signs or signs and items attached to poles or pool noodles or apparatus used to display anything above the head. All instances of the above will be subject to surrender and not returned.


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I can't find a hotel or any lodging! What can I do?
Click here. Valley Music Travel will take good care of you.

What's the deal with parking?
Visit our parking page.
Where can I park my RV or Motorhome? Is there RV/Motorhome camping?
Sorry, there is no parking or camping for RVs or motorhomes.
I locked my keys in my car... my car won't start... I lost my keys... Will there be a tow truck or AAA on site?
There will be a locksmith on site (probably Sean or Wes—they’re super cool) and a AAA tow truck on standby. Ask your mom for her AAA card!

Be sure to stop by Lost & Found or check Lost & Found on the Coachella Mobile App to look for your keys, first! Lost & Found gets tons of unclaimed lost keys each year. Seriously it’s crazy.
Where is the nearest train or bus stop?
The nearest train and bus stop is in downtown Indio, approximately 3 miles from the Venue.

Check out Getting Here for all the info about getting to Coachella.
Where is the nearest gas station, drugstore, food place, grocery store, coffee shop, etc.
  • The nearest gas station is approximately 3.6 miles away on Monroe Street and Highway 111.
  • There are several food places up and down Highway 111.
  • The closest grocery store, coffee shop and several food places are in the shopping center with Ralphs at the corner of Jefferson Street and Avenue 50.
  • Google is your friend!
Where is taxi pick-up and drop-off? What about the friends and family pick-up and drop-off?
Friends & Family pick-up and drop-off info can be found here. Taxis must use Friends & Family on show days.

All pick-ups and drop-offs for Camping access Thursday should take place at Lot 2A.
Where is motorcycle parking?
Motorcycles can park in Free Day Parking or the ADA lot. 
Where is the venue?
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

Empire Polo Club
81-800 Avenue 51, Indio, CA 92201

Visit our Driving Directions page for exact directions. Don’t trust your GPS. Some streets may be closed off, so it is best to follow our directions.
What if I'm arriving in a limo?
 Visit our Limo page for information on limo booking and drop-off.


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Are Camping Passes transferable?
Anyone can buy a Camping Pass. They are not tied to a festival order. You can give your Pass (spot) to whoever you want if you’re not going to use it.
Do I have to sleep in a tent?
No. If you are Car Camping, you may sleep in your car, on your car, next to your car or in many other creative sleeping places as long as they follow all camping rules and are within the lines of your allotted camping spot.

If you are tent camping, you may sleep on the ground in your spot without a tent if you really want to.

Do not sleep in the fire lanes. You could get run over by the porta-potty trucks. Ouch.
How close are the campsites to the venue?
All camping areas are adjacent to the festival site. However, comfortable shoes are recommended as the camping lots are quite LARGE.
What are the hours for the showers and where are they located?
All shower times and locations can be found here. WASH YO’ SELF!
Are showers private?
Separate male, female and all-gender private showers will be available. ADA accessible shower trailers will also be available.
Will there be a general store in camping?
Yes. There will be a General Store located in the Camping Center (as well as satellite stores in other Camping Lots.
Will there be a place for me to buy coffee or get hot water?
Coffee vendors will be available on-site in camping.
Can I bring a bicycle?
Yes. You may ride a bicycle into and around the camping areas. No bicycles will be allowed in the Venue.
Where do I lock my bike?
Do not lock your bicycle to gate openings and closings or any art installations or it will be considered surrendered. Look for the designated bicycle parking on the festival maps.
Are there local places to rent a bicycle?
Yes! Try this.
Can I bring a guitar or other musical instrument?
Acoustic instruments only will be allowed into camping. Please be courteous of your neighbors and abide by the noise curfew. If security asks you to quiet down, please do so, damn it.
Can I bring family to the camping area?
All campground attendees must be 18 years of age or older, with ID. Or, if under 18, all attendees must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. (See below for information on Legal Guardianship) Every camper must have their own festival pass.
What defines a legal guardian?
A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority and corresponding duty to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a ward. Usually, a person has the status of guardian because the ward is incapable of caring for his or her own interests due to infancy, incapacity, or disability.

Most countries and states have laws that provide that the parents of a minor child are the legal guardians of that child, and that the parents can designate who shall become the child’s legal guardian in the event of death.

A legal guardianship is obtained through court order, and the legal process for doing so is initiated by the prospective guardian.

Please note: An older sibling, older friend or friend of the family does not automatically count as a legal guardian. A legal guardian is someone who would be held legally responsible for you by a court of law. Generally, a legal guardian is the one who takes care of the minor when the minor’s birth-parents are no longer living, in jail or have lost their legal rights.


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What's new with the lockers for 2022?
We’re going keyless and allowing mobile scannable tickets at check-in. Save the trees!
Where are the lockers or locker check-in tent?
Both are located inside the venue. We will post a 2022 map to show you the exact location or you can head to an info kiosk for directions. They’ll also be available in the mobile app.
What info do you collect?
We’ll have your name and email when we scan your mobile ticket at check-in. We’ll allow you to add a friend’s name and email to the reservation on site as well.
What do I need to bring to the festival to receive my locker access?
Please bring your phone and we’ll scan the mobile ticket inside the email you receive from us. We will email a copy to you closer to the show. If you have any troubles, please contact lockers@coachella.com 
What happens if I forget my scannable ticket?
Please download your mobile ticket on your device ahead of time (and add to your Apple Wallet if applicable). If you forget your mobile ticket, our staff can check your name and order in our system.
Do you guarantee to hold my locker reservation?
Yes. We will hold your locker reservation throughout the entire festival until you claim it.
Will you explain the locker deposit?
Let’s use the Medium Locker as an example. The ticketing company charges $55. You bring the scannable ticket to locker check-in. You tell our staff what your combination is, they write it down and set up the combo lock for you and you’re on your way to use the locker. When you return the combo lock to us you immediately receive $10 cash back. Your net total cost for the Medium Locker for three days is $45. You’ll leave the festival with $10 in your pocket – gas money for the drive home.
I hate lines...?
We all hate lines. Help us help you quicker by coming with your mobile ticket ready to be scanned. When it’s time to go home, all combo lock deposit refunds are issued quickly. Just give the combo lock and your mobile ticket to one of us and we’ll scan you out and hand you a $10 bill. No forms, no IDs, no complications. Sometimes there’s a line, but it moves fast, and it won’t take long to get your money.   
Will I be able to use the locker any time I want?
You must have a festival wristband to access the lockers during show hours. When the event is over each night, the grounds are closed, and you will not be able to access the lockers until the following day.
Can I pay for the lockers at the event?
Maybe. There is a limited supply of lockers – and all of them are available online right now. Every locker will probably be reserved online before the festival begins. No one knows for sure. If the lockers sell out online, as they have for the past 8 years, there won’t be any lockers available to rent at the festival – unless someone cancels at the last minute.
If I can't make it to the festival or don't need my locker reservation, can I get a refund for my locker?
Yes! Please reach out to us by email at lockers@coachella.com by the Friday before your festival weekend. We’d love to give another fan the opportunity to store their belongings.
What happens if I lose my combo lock?
 If you lose the combo lock, you will forfeit the $10 deposit. You will receive a new combo lock and will need to pay another refundable $10 deposit. Once you return the new combo lock, you will receive the second deposit back. If you find your “lost” combo lock and can unlock it, you’ll receive your original deposit back too.
Can I change my clothes in your locker tent?
Yes, we’ve got you covered.
Do I bring my own padlock?
No! You cannot use your own lock. You must use the lock provided by us. There is no additional charge for the use of our lock, which remains as our property. A $10.00 refundable lock deposit is collected when you reserve the keyless combo lock online.
If someone had a locker at a previous festival, will the same combination open my locker this weekend?
No. You set your own combination.

Here’s Why:
All locks are removed from the lockers and returned for the $10 deposit at the end of each festival. All combinations are re-set to “0000”. The locks are placed in a bin and one is chosen at random when you check-in. You then personally create your own four-digit code for your Lock.

What's at the festival?

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Will there be vegetarian food at the festival? Vegan? Gluten-free?
Yes to all of the above! You’ll be able to get your fill of all kinds of great stuff. Check the Coachella Mobile App for a sample of food listings.
Will there be all-gender restrooms?
Yes. All-gender restrooms will be available and may be used by any person regardless of gender identity or expression.
Will there be sinks and flushable toilets available?
OMG, YES! In addition to the multiple banks of porta-potties, the amount of porcelain flushable toilets was expanded in 2015. This has been a favorite among festival-goers. Seriously, porcelain toilets are a highlight.
Will I be able to find security, if needed?
Will there be ATMs on site? Where is the nearest ATM?
We are a cashless event this year. Be ready to make any purchases with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and contactless cards. Cash exchange located on map. 
Are credit cards accepted? What about debit? Cash?
We are a cashless event this year. Be ready to make any purchases with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Wallet and contactless cards. Cash exchange located on map. And we’re excited to, once again, announce American Express as our official payment partner.
Will there be a Lost & Found where I can look for my missing stuff? (Keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc.)
Yes. There will be a Lost & Found at the festival accessible to the Venue & camping near the main entrance. You can search online here. Please only give items you find to the Info Kiosks or Lost & Found directly. Do not hand over items to random staff or guards.
Will there be medical services on site?
Yes. Medical stations will be clearly visible on site and marked both on your Festival Guide and Mobile App.
Will there be a mist tent? What about shade?
Maybe. Wander around to see. There will definitely be plenty of shaded structures and areas on site.
Can I get water on site? How much will it cost? Are there be free water refills?
Bottled water will be sold at numerous vendor locations in both the Venue and camping.

There will also be free, twice filtered, water refill stations. Each station can accommodate multiple people at a time and will be located throughout the Venue and campgrounds. GULP! You’re free to bring an empty, refillable, non-metal/aluminum/steel/glass water bottle or hydration pack.
Will there be sunglasses, visors, hats or sunscreen sold on site?
Yes. The General Store will be selling those items.
Will there be a festival map ahead of time so we can see locations of food courts and bathroom areas? What about the location of stages and tents each band will be playing on?
Maps will be located in both the Festival Guide given out at the show, as well as on the Coachella Mobile App and website. Lineup information, such as which stage each band will be playing on, will be posted a couple of days before the festival.
Will there be electrical outlets or charging stations for mobile phones?
Electrical outlets for charging cell phones will be located in numerous locations throughout the Venue as well as in each camping lot. Bring your own charger cord.
Will there be breast pumping stations?
Need a place to pump and store? We got you covered! B.Y.O.P. (Bring Your Own Pump) to select medical tents for an exclusive pumping & feeding space. All locations will have power for electric pumps as well as washing stations (non-potable water) with soap and sanitizing wipes. Refrigeration capabilities will be available in the Medical tent near the Lobby across from Sahara tent, the Medical tent near Heineken House, the Medical tent in 12 Peaks VIP, and the Medical tent in the Campgrounds.

Check Festival Map for locations.