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Store your merch and other essentials while you’re out and about. We’ll keep it safe.

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Why Reserve a Locker?


BE PREPARED! The days are hot and the nights are cold. Store your change of clothes in your locker and swap out as needed.


BE HANDS FREE! Why bother lugging your merch. If you don’t need it until later, put it in a locker.


KEEP YOUR STUFF PROTECTED! You’ll be moving around all day, bouncing from one show to the next. Knowing your things are stored safely offers peace of mind.


WITH FRIENDS!We’re sure your friends will want in! Please use discretion and make sure the people who know your combination are responsible and trustworthy.

Lockers at Coachella

Reserve a Locker

Medium Locker

With Combo Lock
Height: 18″ Width: 15″ Depth: 18″
$79 + fees

Large Locker

With Combo Lock
Height: 24″ Width: 15″ Depth: 18″
$89 + fees

XL Locker

With Combo Lock
Height: 24″ Width: 18″ Depth: 21″
$99 + fees

*Prices include all 3 days.

Go to PASSES page to start your purchase.

Locker Details



Lockers are available during show hours Friday-Sunday. Please return the combo lock to us by 1AM on Monday and claim your belongings, otherwise we’ll donate them.



Please don’t bring suitcases or bags that have items that are not allowed in the venue. There will not be lockers in the camping areas. We’ll have a tent for you to change into new clothes.

$10 Security Deposit


We’ll hold a $10 deposit and give it back to you in cash when you return the combo lock (intact) to us when you’re ready to head home.

No Transfers

Do no sell/purchase a locker to/from a third party seller - you must purchase through AXS. Only the original purchaser of the locker can redeem the locker onsite.

Contact Our Locker Team

For more information, please refer to the info available on our Lockers FAQS. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, reach out to our Lockers team at lockers@coachella.com.