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Good times beyond the stages. Many activities will be added leading up to the show

group of Coachella fans laying on lawn and laughing
Absolut activation photo


Absolut is a brand born to mix - mixing people, ideas, and drinks - and what better way to mix than with your besties over a cocktail at Coachella, the ultimate mixing grounds.

Coachella fan in wheelchair


Accessible+ is an immersion opportunity for BIPOC people with disabilities to experience Coachella, build community and come together to discuss accessibility and professional opportunities in the music industry. Our mission is to amplify the intersectionality of BIPOC people with disabilities. Explore our initiatives and engage with us during your time at the show.

Photo of Activities tent

Activities Tent

Classic games, fine tunes, dance competitions and more. Visit for good times, making friends, and to keep your mind sharp!

Giant tic tac toe, giant beer poing, musical flip cup, bobbing for duckies, musical chairs and a whole lot more. Open Thursday, 9am-3am & Friday-Sunday, 8am-4am.

Also Featuring DJ BIRDTASTIQUE 10am-1:30pm.

The Get Up in the Activities Tent features:


*times subject to change

Campers should stop by the Activities Tent in Lot 8 to pick up an Early Bird Raffle Ticket before 5pm Thursday!! Come back when the raffle kicks off at 9pm Thursday for random giveaways such as Food Vouchers, Ferris Wheel rides, Merch Vouchers and maybe even VIP upgrades!

*Must be present to collect!

Amex image

Experience More with Amex

Take advantage of all Amex has to offer at Coachella, whether you’re an Amex® Card Member or not. 

Coachella fans dining together

Breaking Bread

Our friends at Treetop Journeys invite you to the table for a moment to break bread with someone new! Come foster new connections and take a beat to enjoy some fresh bread & butter in the sunshine of Camping.

Thursday from 4pm-5pm at Trillium in Camping Hub

Sunday from 9am-10am at Food Trucks in Camping Hub

*Times subject to change

Coachella fans at the Camping Lounge

Camp Lounge

Come chill in our Camp Lounge. While you’re hanging out feel free to hop on the free wifi, meet up with friends to review set times or even just take a nap in the shade. This is the spot to relax and prepare for a long night or to unwind at the end of the show.

And visit the Compliment Bar while you’re at it:

Is it confidence boosting affirmation you seek, maybe some heart-warming mom-and-pop praise? Or is a backhanded compliment best suited for your thick skin? Well, look no further, this unique pop-up may be exactly what you need to “compliment” an already unforgettable weekend. The "Compliment Cafe" is an uplifting space that allows you to walk up and order a compliment made just for you. Come find us in the Camp Lounge where our buoyant baristas will be whipping up fresh batches of wholesome goodness daily. Grand Opening, Thursday 7pm-8pm, Fri-Sun from 1pm-2pm.

Food at Coachella

Camping Eats & Drinks

There will be stuff to munch on at camp.
Learn More.

Coachella fan decorating his van for Carpoolchella


Festival attendees curate their crew of 4 or more carpoolers per vehicle to save on gas, money, CO2 emissions, PLUS decorate their car with CARPOOLCHELLA ® for a chance to win prizes, maybe even VIP for life.

Coachella fans in the Art Studio

Coachella Art Studios

Elevate your wardrobe and well-being at the Art Studios. Here is where free sustainable fashion, beads and jars of jewelry are in abundance for you to transform your look. Customize an aromatherapy oil to roll on your wrists and bring it home with you. These types of crafts, and so many more, are all free - you just have to make it to take it.

Fans run toward Coachella store
Camping, Venue

Coachella Shopping

This spot will include brand new Coachella 2024 merchandise, a limited-edition Coachella x Madhappy collection, and GV Black exclusives featuring collabs with Joe Fresh Goods, NOL Collective, Marathon Clothing, Kids of Immigrants & Melroyart. Plus must-have merchandise from your favorite artists on the lineup!

Find the Artist Headliner tents for Coachella-exclusive headliner swag, including the coveted GOLF store, stocked with limited-edition goods you won’t want to miss (Located south of the Heineken House).

Our VIP store (in 12 Peaks VIP) will feature Coachella festival goods, plus custom chain-stitching and embroidery via Lot, Stock and Barrel.

Visit the Coachella Store in camping (in Lot 8) on Thursday, April 11th and 18th starting at 6pm for the Vintage Merch Sale featuring select inventory from previous years and mystery grab bags. We've been digging in the archives and found some really fun stuff that hasn't seen the light of day in a long time. Additionally, the camping location is open for 2024 Festival Merchandise on show days from 10:00am - 3:00pm.

And if you can’t seem get away from your fave performances, visit our online shop at https://shop.coachella.com/.

Closeup of friends holding Coca-Cola cans


Celebrate Real Magic at Coachella

Step on stage with Coke Studio - a multi-sensorial experience where music takes shape through light and synesthetic design. Feel the magic for yourself and leave refreshed.

Do Lab photo

Do LaB

Check out both weekend lineups under a newly designed stage concept this year.
Fans on the Global Inheritance Energy Seesaw
Global Inheritance

Energy Playground

The Energy Playground powers up the crowd and charges your phones! The Global Inheritance Energy SeeSaws provides you the opportunity to learn about energy from the best seat in the house!

Comfy furniture at every one space

every one

Join us in co-creating a culture of community care. Our Community space is a place where we invite you to rest, recharge and take care of yourself and others.

Coachella ferris wheel

Ferris Wheel

Catch all the feels at the top of the iconic Ferris Wheel while taking in the epic desert views of the entire Coachella Festival.

RCS Fun Facebook
RCS Fun Instagram

Field of Dreams sign at Coachella

Field Of Dreams

Visit the shaded Field of Dreams in Lot 8 for a variety of fun activities ranging from Musical Hula Hoop, Squid Games, Potato Sack Race, Human Tic Tac Toe, Disko Party & More

Some games may have prizes from Food Vouchers, to Ferris Wheel rides, to Merch Vouchers to even VIP Upgrades!

  • Thursday: 2pm-10pm
  • Friday: 10am-5:30pm
  • Saturday: 10am-1:30pm
  • Sunday: 10am-1:30pm

*Times & games subject to change.

Get Ready with Amex booth photo

Get Ready #withAmex

Head to the Campgrounds and visit the Amex Pop-Up to receive complimentary hair bow stacking and chrome glam! Card Members can bring one enrolled guest. Terms apply.

Coachella fans exiting the Heineken House

Heineken House

Refresh yourself with Heineken Silver!
Learn More

International Delight graphic

International Delight Cold Foam House

Come by the International Delight Cold Foam House for an immersive, multi-sensory flavor experience. It'll be foaming delicious!

Coachella fan laying grass with method products next to her
Camping, Venue


Unleash your Inner Shower with method @ Coachella

Check out method both onsite and in camping for activities like glamming up your hair, finding your AI aura, immersing yourself in vibrant selfie moments, and expressing your inner artist with paint and patches. As the official body and hair care sponsor of Coachella, there's more to unleash with method. you just have to wash this way for a good time.

Nike graphic

Nike Air Max Dn

Surprises from Nike Air Max Dn universe are arriving in the desert. Keep your eyes out for signs on site with details on how to experience the world of Dn, and earn a chance to win an exclusive Nike item.

Pinterest Manifest graphic

Pinterest Manifest Station

Those festival ideas on your Pinterest board? Time to make them a reality.

Find your next festival ‘fit with custom styling from our on-site designers. Make a statement with a metallic makeover or try face jewels for the first time. Get your Pinterest app ready because we’re dropping tons of inspiration and surprises all weekend long.

Meet us at the Pinterest Manifest Station, where you can be whoever you want to be—even if it’s just for a few days in the desert.

Coachella Quests graphic

Play Coachella Quests

A new way to play. Complete tasks across physical and virtual Coachella experiences to earn Stamps, gain XP, and earn eligibility for prizes like Festival Guest Passes, VIP Keepsakes, and more. Be sure to stop by the Quests Hideaway Powered by Avalanche and keep your eyes peeled for Quest signage to keep playing at the festival.

Coachella fan working on activity in Posted Studio
Global Inheritance

POSTed Studio

The POSTed Studio is an interactive poster design studio that generates crowd-sourced concept art for posters that advocate for solutions to major challenges facing the planet. Create and submit concepts which are then transformed into professional renders by a curated team of artists from across the globe. Our collection becomes freely available online for download, and is shared across the festival. Stay tuned with-Global Inheritance to participate onsite.

Guest speakers at POSTed Studio
Global Inheritance

POSTed Studio Speaker Stage

Starting Thursday in Camping: we are hosting a special POSTed Studio speaker stage. The format changes based on the Speakers - from Q/A to Ted Talk format to Show and Tell and Workshops. Expect to see some of your favorite artists and environmentalists speak while also participating in interactive workshops. All talks will be followed by a POSTed Studio design session where we will give away prizes.

Coachella fans at queerplus


Queer+ is archiving, celebrating and empowering the LGBTQIA+ x BIPOC community to live out loud and in color. Our social programming features multiple interactive activities dedicated to uplifting the Festival's all inclusive culture. This is a safe space and a judgment free zone!

Coachella fans checking out records at Record Safari

Record Safari

Visit Record Safari at the festival and dig into over 25,000 pieces of new and used vintage vinyl while you cool off in our air-conditioned store. We’ll carry Record Store Day Exclusives on Saturday, April 20th and best of all, we’ll store your purchases until Sunday night for only $10 which also comes with a tote! (so that precious plastic doesn’t melt.)

Coachella Salon photo


New for 2024, campers can visit the Salon in lot 8 for a variety of beauty and wellness services such as hair, makeup, henna, massage, sauna, ice baths and more. Book your appointment & review pricing here!

Thu: 2pm-8pm & 9pm-12am
Fri-Sun: 9am-3pm & 9pm-12am

Silent Disco photo

Silent Disco

Located under Trillium (replacing the Dome) in Lot 8!

Live DJs start at 8pm Thursday & goes silent 1am-3am.
Friday-Sunday, Live DJs start at 11:30pm and go silent 1am-4am.

Two Coachella fans sitting on grass


Stop by the tattoo studio next to the activities tent and negotiate yourself a lifelong souvenir.

Thur: 6pm-10pm
Fri–Sun: 10am-2pm

*subject to change

Coachella fans laying on the grass

The Turn Down

Downtempo Grooves for your Soul. Cheers turn into pillow talk at your own ambient oasis. Kick up those feet, and let the late night grooves recharge your cells. Located in the camping center on the hill in lot 8.

Fans in front of the Wellness Oasis

The Wellness Oasis

Looking to unwind and recharge before attending the festival? To help you connect with yourself and others, our wellness programming may include daily yoga, meditation, and sound healing sessions.

Located next to the Activities Tent, there is plenty of space and shade for everyone to relax and participate in the sessions. We have something for everyone.

Sessions are held on Thursday from 5pm to 8pm and on Friday - Sunday from 7am to 3pm. Don't forget to bring a mat!

*Times subject to change

Coachella fan in front of Recycling Store
Global Inheritance

TRASHED - Art of Recycling

Art of Recycling - TRASHed offers over 50 talented artists the opportunity to turn ordinary recycling bins into works of art that inspire people across the globe to see the beauty in recycling. Don’t forget to photograph the unbelievable collection onsite and share your favorites!

Two Coachella fans sitting on grass


Check out the brand new “Dome” (not dome) featuring Yoga in the mornings, speakers in the mornings to afternoons and Silent Disco at night.