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Coachella Art Studios

Elevate your outfit and state-of-mind at the Art Studios. Free sustainable fashion and jars of jewelry are in abundance. Colorful clay to sculpt and markers to draw with are all around. You can even customize an aromatherapy scent to relax and remember the experience by. These crafts, and SO many more are all free, you just have to make it to take it.

group of Coachella fans at Art Studios

Come Find Us

Come find us at center camp, behind the big metal ram (it will make sense when you see it, trust).

@CoachellaArtStudios to stay linked!

Art Studios Hours
Friday: 10am-2pm Saturday: 10am-2pm
Sunday: 10-2pm

Art Studios Schedule

Weekend 1, Friday - DJ Eleanora
Weekend 1, Saturday - Ericalandia
Weekend 1, Sunday - Gingee

Weekend 2, Friday - Val Fluery
Weekend 2, Saturday - DJ Edie
Weekend 2, Sunday - Val Fluery x DJ Edie (B2B)

Special Coffee and Convo Programming this year

Weekend 2, Saturday from 9:00am - 10:00am

Enjoy coffee and a sustainable fashion/crafting panel discussion with Jacob Hanna (Goodwill International’s Marketing Director) + Music Producer, James Fauntleroy (SZA, Kendrick Lamar, Frank Ocean) + Alexandria Wyllie (Associate Director of the Coachella Art Studios), hosted by Erica Moreno (Fashion Director at the Coachella Art Studios), as they talk amongst their friend’s Dr. Romanelli’s artworks about their professional practices in art, music, craft, and the uncover the deeper meaning of crafting at Coachella.

Fashion Crafts

“Cut It” aka Free Thrifted Fashion

Available art materials and tools: sustainable clothes, sewing machines, studs, trim, fabrics, buttons, scissors, beads, etc

Make the past your present to shape the future. Upcycle clothing by cutting, sewing, twisting and turning them into something new that nobody at the festival will have because you uniquely crafted your own.

“Fully Charged” aka Crystal Wire Wrapping

Available art materials and tools: crystals, wire, rocks, beads, clasps, pliers

Crystals, gems, and jewel... oh my! Let it be known, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is located here. But instead of gold, we have charged crystals sourced directly from the desert. Tap in to the local experts to learn how to wire your charm to keep it close to your heart.

“Pedro Pascal’s Pick” aka the Ultimate GorpCore Craft

Available art materials and tools: bungee, carabiners, rope, buckles, chain, hammers

W.W.Y.D.D.? (What Would Your Dad Do?) This would be a craft that Joel from the Last of Us would LOVE. Everything you could ever need to survive, and look good while doing it.

Paper Based Crafts

“Main Characters” aka Figure Drawing

Available art materials and tools: models, still life objects, paper, watercolor, pencils, charcoal, fancy pens

Nobody is nude, but everyone is front and center. We’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

“Button Up” aka DIY Band Button

Available art materials and tools: magazines, glue sticks, pin parts, pin machine

The perfect pin you never knew you needed, because you never knew how to make it! Until now. We’ll show you how to make it from scratch. Pin it on your black leather jacket to let us know it’s real.

“Lamination Sensation” aka Laminating Collages

Available art materials and tools: magazines, glue sticks, lamination machines, glossy paper

Remember in elementary school when you were obsessed with the huge laminator that your teacher had for their classroom decor? Yeah, us too. Well, we found a way to bring that joy into the palm of your hands at Coachella Fest. This craft ranks high on the instant satisfaction rating.

Tactile Crafts

“Squishy Ishy” aka Clay Craft

Available art materials and tools: clay, oven, jewelry parts, rolling pins, clay tools

Squish it, mold it, fold it, bake it. Yes, it’s that easy. Use clay to make anything (within reason).

“Remembering the Art Studios” aka Custom Aromatherapy air fresheners for your tent, car, room, etc!

Available art materials and tools: essential oils, scented water, air fresheners

Therapy comes in many shapes and forms, this one in particular happens to smell nice. Mix, match and design your very own scent to add to your air fresheners and all the way back home to reminisce on the good times.

Take a deeper dive: www.coachellacrafttent.com