2015 Camping Info. 2015. this info is 2015.

The most popular way to experience Coachella is to camp on the polo grounds. All onsite camping areas are located on lush beautiful grass fields adjacent to the festival performance area.

2015 Amenities 2015. this info is 2015.

  • *NEW FOR 2015, free showers, increased capacity in multiple locations.
  • Internet Cafe (w/free wifi)
  • Cell phone charging stations in ALL campground lots.
  • General Store / Food & Beverage vendors
  • Satellite stores w/ice in all camp lots
  • Portable toilets in  all camp lots
  • Many camping activities (check back soon!)
  • Farmers Market
  • Supermarket Shuttles
  • Free water refill stations
2015 Experiences 2015. this info is 2015.

Check out all the amenities & activities. Sort by "camping".

2015 General Rules

  • All camping attendees MUST be 18 years of age or older & have a valid I.D. or be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Sorry NO exceptions.
  • Each camping attendee must have their OWN festival pass for entrance.
  • Please note: Camping spot decals are non transferable by themselves. They will only work when scanned with the festival pass it was ordered with originally. If you bought multiple festival passes and one camping spot, the camping spot decal will only be valid when scanned with one of the festival passes from that order. This is to help thwart scalping of camping passes and making camping available to actual onsite campers.
  • All onsite camping opens: Thursday at 9:00am and closes on Monday at noon each weekend. Early arrival is highly recommended.
  • All camping check in times: Cars that are car camping & Tent only or Lake Eldorado campers driving can check in at 9am on Thursday until 2am, and starting at 9am FRI-Sun (until 11PM).
    24 hours for pedestrians.
  • Companion camping parking hours: Vehicles can enter to park at any time on Thursday starting at 7AM through 2AM Sat.  Vehicles can also enter to park Sunday from 9AM until 10PM. EXCEPT: NO VEHICLE EXIT or ENTRY FROM 10pm-2am FRI-SUN. NO VEHICLE INS/OUTS.
  • All general car & tent campers can visit each others camp sites.
  • There will be on-site security at all times as well as first aid stations open 24/7. Do not leave valuables in your tent.
  • Please be advised all car/tent only camping lots will be on lock down between the hours of 10pm and 2am nightly. Cars Camping will NOT be allowed to exit during those times. If you need to leave car camping prior to Sunday at 2am, you must do so before 10pm.
  • Venue/Promoter are not responsible for any materials misplaced, lost or stolen. It is recommended you don’t bring valuable items or if you do, please lock them in your car for safety.
  • NO Wrapped / Sponsored Vehicles. Your Car/Truck/Van/Vehicle will be turned away at the Toll Booth if it has Ads/Marketing/Sponsors/Company Logos on it. (this is not talking about rental cars).
  • No branded/logo’d easy ups or tents allowed.
  • All camping attendees are subject to search upon entry.
  • Surrendered items are considered forfeited upon entry. There is NO return of any item regardless of what any random guard tells you.
  • Feel free to bring your own food and beverages into onsite camping. Refer to FAQ’s below as to what is allowed.
  • No camping between weekends
  • NO GLASS containers, weapons, drug paraphernalia or drugs allowed
  • No animals will be allowed in the campground.
  • No open flames (GPS we are not talking about you)
  • No Tiki Torches / Fireworks / any types of explosives / ammunition
  • No Drones/Remote Control Aircraft, Toys & Cars
  • Campers are expected to behave in a manner that is courteous to other campers. Noise curfew at 1:30am
  • Scroll down to read the frequently asked questions/answers about onsite camping.

2015 Car & Tent Camping 2015. this info is 2015.

2015 Car Camping spots 2015. this info is 2015.

Camp next to your car. You can have as many people camp in your spot as you can comfortably fit. Everyone camping in your spot must have a festival pass.

ZOOM IN up close to see car camping (2015 gigapan photo)   You can zoom so far in, you can snoop inside people’s tents. This thing is insane.

Car Camping spots are 10’x30′. All spots are good for the entire weekend. You park your car IN your spot for the whole weekend. There is no driving your car in/out of your camp spot.  No saving spots – arrive together to camp together. One car per car camping spot required – no exceptions. If you’re driving in one car, you will only be able to occupy one camping spot, even if you have purchased more than one car camping spot. One additional car camping companion parking pass per camping spot is available for purchase. Companion vehicles will not be allowed to park in your car camping spot. Companion car parking will be adjacent to the campgrounds and may or may not be in close proximity to your car camping spot.


This is how big the SPOT is.  You decide what fits with your tent.


You can not occupy a car camping spot without a car on it.


Only one car can be on a car camping spot.


Must be a normal passenger car, truck or van.


No rv’s, trailers, motorhomes, or uhaul trucks. THESE types are OK.  THESE are NOT OK.


Sorry 2015 Car Camping spots are no longer available.

2015 Tent Camping spots 2015. this info is 2015.

Standard tent camping in a 10×15 grass spot. You can have as many people camp in your spot as you can comfortably fit. Each tent camping spot comes with one overnight parking spot to leave your car.  One additional camping companion parking pass per camping spot is available for purchase. Companion vehicles will not be allowed to park in your tent camping spot. Companion parking will be adjacent to the campgrounds and may or may not be in close proximity to your camping spot.


Each TENT ONLY CAMP SPOT is a 10×15 (150 square feet) plot.

tent-camping-2 Each tent camping spot comes with ONE overnight tent camping parking spot.


Sorry, the 2015 "tent only" camping spots are no longer available

2015 Lake Eldorado 2015. this info is 2015.

This campsite offers ready to go 2 person Tee Pee or 4 person tent camping surrounding the serene setting of the redeveloped Lake Eldorado. Enjoy Coachella with flair. Get  ready to start the moment you step onto the park-like scenery of your own private access camping community.

Partiers of the exclusive Lake Eldorado get:
– 24 hour concierge service
– Lake side benches w/umbrellas for group hangs
– Free showers
– Separate check-in location
– Private access to porto potties & flushable toilets
– Vehicle in/out privileges Thurs and from 2am-10am Fri-Sun.
– Close proximity to camping store and food vendors
– Games and activities through out the grassy grounds

* Lake Eldorado will only be accessible for Lake Eldorado campsite guests.

* There is 24 hour security patrol.  Free lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis.

* Each cot comes w/ a sleeping bag & pillow which are yours to keep or we’ll donate any leftovers to charity (Coachella Valley Rescue Mission).

* Feel free to bring chairs & other camping comforts to add to your spot.

*4 person tents will also feature additional hospitality amenities such as a cooler and chairs for your convenience.

* Each reservation will also come with one designated parking spot in the adjacent lot. You will have in/out privileges on Thursday and also from 2am -10am FRI-SUN.  If you leave during those hours and don’t make it back you will have to park in day parking and move your car later.

Lake Eldorado Rules

  • Lake Eldorado campers can visit all other general camp sites, however the Lake Eldorado campsite is restricted for its patrons exclusively.
  • Each order will come with one parking pass in the adjacent parking lot with daily in & out privileges on Thursday and between 2am & 10am FRI-SUN. If you have other guests arriving at a later time it is recommended you purchase a Companion Parking Pass in addition to your order. Companion Car Parking Pass is the only overnight parking option for additional guests. (no car ins/outs of that lot)
  • Teepees & Tents are assigned on site, first come first serve. Arrive with the early bird campers to ensure your favorite location at Lake Eldorado.
  • Damages to Tee Pees or Tents will be billed directly to your credit card.
  • Please read this entire camping page for additional camping specific rules and frequently asked questions.
  • NO swimming in lake
  • NO Pets
  • NO Pop up tents
  • NO campfires
  • NO Tiki Torches
  • NO Fireworks or any types of explosives
  • NO smoking inside tents
  • All other onsite camping rules listed on this page also apply to Lake Eldorado

2015 Safari Tents 2015. this info is 2015.

This exclusive area includes:

* Your own offsite private check-in
* Fully furnished Shakir style tents with air conditioning
* Restrooms & Showers
* Golf cart shuttles to and from the stages!
* Private parking lot adjacent to Safari Tent Camping
* Drop off area for your gear
* Breakfast and late night snacks
* Onsite concierge
* Dedicated security & secure fence lines
* Outdoor chairs, shade tents + outdoor lighting
* Games and more!
* Guest passes (backstage baby!)

These tents will be set up, fully furnished, and awaiting your arrival!  Sold exclusively through Valley Music Travel. FOR FULL DETAILS AND TO PURCHASE, VISIT VALLEY MUSIC TRAVEL

Camping FAQs

Camping FAQ

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What size tent can we bring/how much space do we get? Can I bring food/beverages/chairs & a cooler into the campground?

Tent campers, your spot is 10×15.
Car Campers, your spot is 10×30.

You must stay with in the lines. Don’t go outside the lines. DO NOT SLEEP IN THE FIRE LANES. Party

Feel free to bring your own food and beverages into onsite camping.

Yes of course you can store it in a cooler.


Can I sleep in a car parked in the onsite camping companion parking lot?

Nobody can sleep in any of the parking lots. Those are only for parking. Security will be patrolling.

Will there be a lost and found?

Yes. Hopefully you can find it clearly marked on the festival map. It will most likely be near-ish to the entrance from camping to venue.

Will there be free bathrooms/showers? ADA accessible? Private?

Yes, there will free bathrooms and free showers available. Separate M/F trailers (with individual privacy) and there will be handicap accessible facilities for both as well. ALL shower facilities will have these.

What hours can you use the showers? Are They Free? Where are they located?


Regular free showers in lot 4 and lot 10 are 7am-2pm and 8pm-2am
limited 24 hour showers in lot 10


May I drive in/out of car camping?

Once you are parked in a camping area you may not move your vehicle for the duration of the festival. This is for your safety and the safety of your neighbors. However, if you need to leave early, not returning to the festival, please let security know, so they can help direct you out safely. Your car will NOT be admitted back in to the car camping area once it drives out. Given the configuration and the limitations of our site we need everyone to cooperate with the staff and park where directed and remain there. This is the only way that we can accommodate all ticket holders on the property. Please understand that when anyone disregards the parking and camping instructions it creates havoc that will ultimately impact everyone’s comfort and safety.

Checking into the campground? I need details.

It’s really not all that complex. Just get to the event. There will be signs and/or you will be directed when you get there. Don’t stress about it.

Can we/How can we camp next to each other if we are not arriving together?

Well you won’t be able to park next to each other if you don’t drive in together. However when the later party(s) arrive they can just park where the next spot is and can still walk over to your spot. Probably best to plan on meeting and arrive together as much as possible for your group. For tent only camping, same deal, you need to arrive together to assure being next to each other. The larger the group you are planning to camp with, the more you will have to plan for a larger number to get there at the same time. We’re confident you’ll figure out something that works best for your situation. There are NO guarantees you will be able to pull it off.

The most important thing for trying to make it work is to have your entire group arrive/drive in to the toll booth/search area together.   As your cars leave that area you can continue on into a limited time waiting area lane.  Once your entire group makes it to that area you then proceed to the lanes entering the camping lots and the camp counselors will direct you/your group. (let them know  how many cars in your group, etc).

What if I cannot find my campsite after the concert?

There will be camp counselors to help you if you get lost. But try to remember what area you are in, there will be multiple camping areas with big signs as well as street signs for camping row.

Will there be food booths (with what?) or a general store (with what? at the campground?)

Yes: General Store (all items are CASH ONLY) Selling various sundry items which may include: Advil, Air Mattresses, Aloe Gel, Anacin, Band-Aids, Batteries A, AA, AAA, Benadryl, Bug spray, Camping Supplies, Chap stick, Cigarettes, Coachella merch (sweaters, tanks), Condoms, Disposable cameras, Ear plugs, Eye Drops, ICE, Lighters, Lotion, Tent Stakes, Mini/ Small Flashlights, Mini Deodorant, Mini Hand Sanitizer, Mini soap bars, Motrin IB, Mouthwash, Neosporin, Pepto, Rolaids, Sunscreen, Tampons, Rope, Tissue packets, Toothpaste/Toothbrush combo pack, Water, Tylenol, Wet-one Wipes, Tents, tent stakes etc. Open: 7am – 4am starting when camping opens until it closes on Monday
Yes: Food Court: (all items are CASH ONLY) Selling various food items which may include: BBC – Pizza, Coffee Drinks and Smoothies, fresh baked breakfast pastries, burgers, fries, chicken fingers, shakes, fresh lemonade, and more!
(hours subject to change)
There will also be a FARMERS MARKET somewhat near the main general store (near the “club house”, open each morning for onsite campers. mmmm goood

What are the general store hours?

All other smaller camping locations: open 7am-2pm
(hours subject to change)

Will there be a place for me to buy coffee or get hot water?

There will be coffee vendors there.

Will there be electrical outlets?

The only electrical outlets available will be for charging cell phones, these will be located in each camping lot and at the Internet cafe.

Where is the closest ATM?

Closest to what? There will be ATMs around the general stores in the camping areas as well as inside the venue. That might make it onto the festival map too. You’ll find one if you need one.

Can I bring a bicycle? Are there local places to rent a bicycle?

Yes. Find parking/locking area at your own risk. No bikes allowed in Venue. Do not lock your bike to gate openings/closings or art.

You should check HERE or HERE.

Can I bring the family to camp?

All campground attendees must be 18 years of age or older with ID or if under 18, be accompanied by parent or legal guardian. Every camper must have their own festival pass.

Please note: An older sibling or older friend or friend of the family is not automatically your legal guardian. A legal guardian would be held legally responsible for you in a court of law. They generally are the ones who take care of the minor when the minors birth parents are: 1. no longer living 2. in jail 3. lost their legal parental rights.
Legal Guardian

Can I bring my friends into camp?

Sure, as long as everyone has a festival pass you can have them come to your camping spot.

Do I need to sleep in a tent?

No. If you are car camping, you can sleep in your car, on your car, next to your car or other creative sleeping places as long as it’s not against the rules and is within your allotted camping spot. You can not sleep in your car in any parking lots including the companion camping parking lot. If you are tent camping you can sleep on the ground in your spot without a tent if you really want to. DO NOT SLEEP IN THE FIRE LANES.

How close are the campsites to the festival site?

The various camping areas are all adjacent. Wear comfy shoes though, this is a large festival with large surrounding camping areas.

Are generators allowed into the onsite camping?


Where is the nearest Gas Station and/or offsite food place?

A gas station is about 3.6 miles away at Monroe & HWY 111. Going down Monroe towards HWY 111 there is a drug store (closer than the gas station). There are several food places up and down along HWY 111.

Can we bring alcohol?

Reasonable amount of beer (limited to 1 case of beer per person) (NO KEGS, NO GLASS, NO LIQUOR), for personal consumption only (NO VENDING), by folks who are of legal age (21), will be permitted to be brought onto the camping areas (not concert area). If, however, in the security’s judgment it appears that the amount of alcohol is excessive for the number of persons in the vehicle, or if anyone in the vehicle is under 21 years of age, the organizers reserve the right to deny entry of the vehicle and/or confiscate the alcohol. Kegs may not be brought onto the property. Please keep these things in mind and be sensible about how much you plan to bring in. Beer will be available for purchase on the concert field. Yes, boxed wine is ok to bring, too.

Can I bring a small trailer attached to my car into the Car Camping area?


Can I sell my [insert crap I want to sell] in the parking lots, camping areas or venue?

If you don’t have vending approval from the festival your items will be confiscated.

I have a full size van or VW Bus. Can I still camp it in the Car Camping section?


My question is not here and I'm freaking out because I need to know now!!!

Email us at Coachella and ask. If it gets asked “frequently” we’ll add it to this page. And we will reply to your email too, unless it’s already answered here, then we will most likely ignore it.

May I have a campfire?

Campfires, fire pits, fire cages or any other open flame device are not permitted anywhere on the festival site. In other words…. no.

May I use a stove to cook?

The use of a outdoor cooking appliance is only permitted in the Car Camping areas. Cooking in the Tent Camping area is not permitted. The following are the requirements for the use of a outdoor cooking appliance:
1. All cooking appliances shall bear a certification or listing from a nationally recognized testing or certification organization.
2. Cooking appliances that only utilize propane as the fuel source shall be permitted. No wood, charcoal, flammable/combustible liquid cooking appliances permitted.
3. One cooking appliance per camp site shall be permitted.
4. Maximum amount of propane per campsite shall not exceed 20 pounds or 48 pounds of water capacity.
5. A minimum of 3 feet of clearance shall be maintained at all times while the cooking appliance is in use. No combustible material shall be within 3 feet of the cooking appliance.
6. Cooking appliances shall only be used during the hours of 7:00 am to 2:00 am PST.
7. Cooking appliances, when in use, shall not be left unattended.

May I use a heater?

The use of any type of heating appliance is not permitted in the Car Camping or Tent Camping areas.

We are driving up separately and camping with friends who already have a camping spot (TENT ONLY OR CAR CAMPING). Where do I park my car? Can I move my car?

There is a very limited amount of overnight Camping “companion parking” passes available for $30. Campers will only be allowed to purchase ONE additional companion parking pass (while supplies last) per camping pass purchased. This parking pass is for 1 extra car of people who are staying in your spot but need a place to park their car overnight. Companion parking will be adjacent to the campgrounds and may or may not (probably won’t) be in close proximity to your camping spot. Once these run out, there are no alternative overnight onsite parking options available. FOR REALZ.
There are no car ins/outs in the companion Camping parking lot. If you decide to drive out you will forfeit your spot and be re-directed to the day parking lots which do not allow overnight parking and you could be towed. SO DON’T LEAVE UNTIL YOU ARE LEAVING FOR GOOD.
People are expected to plan ahead and please carpool. This pass is only available for purchase when buying your Car/Tent Camping Pass. Party.

I see onsite camping is 18 + over unless with parent or Legal Guardian. What is a legal guardian?

A legal guardian is a person who has the legal authority (and the corresponding duty) to care for the personal and property interests of another person, called a ward. Usually, a person has the status of guardian because the ward is incapable of caring for his or her own interests due to infancy, incapacity, or disability. Most countries and states have laws that provide that the parents of a minor child are the legal guardians of that child, and that the parents can designate who shall become the child’s legal guardian in the event of death.
A legal guardianship is obtained through court order, and the legal process for doing so is initiated by the prospective guardian.

How do I become the guardian for a child in juvenile court?

Think about the responsibilities you will have. If you decide to be a guardian, talk to the social worker or probation officer in charge.
Or write a letter to the juvenile court judge. The letter should say:
Your name and address,
Your relationship with the child,
How long you have known the child, and
Why you want to be the child’s guardian.
If the judge chooses you as guardian, you’ll get a copy of the court order after the hearing.

Are camping spots transferable?

Camping passes are non transferable by themselves. They will only work when scanned with the festival pass it was ordered with originally. If you bought multiple festival passes and one camping pass, the camping pass will only be valid with the one of the festival passes from that order.  This is to help thwart scalping of camping passes and making camping available to actual onsite campers.

Supermarket Shuttles - what? when? where?

Need to buy groceries or stock up on sunscreen? Catch a free shuttle ride to a grocery store. Companion Parking lot 2, south east corner *Friday-Sunday: 8a-2p

*Times subject to change with out notice

Are there water re-fill stations in camping?

There are water re-fill stations located near the free showers and also along the south end of lot 8. *locations subject to change.

Check the camping map upon arrival!

Should I be worried about wind? What should I do if it's windy?

Campers, please be advised, it can get very windy in the Coachella Valley.

  • Please collapse all pop-up tents, even if they are staked into the ground, when you leave your campsite for the day.
  • Secure all belongings that may be able to fly through the air or become projectiles
Are e-cigs allowed?

Single use Mini’s (aka Cig-a-likes) are OK.

Mid sized e-cigs & vape pens are OK, however no liquid refills will be allowed into the venue part.

APV’s or Mods are OK, but not allowed into the venue part.

Can I bring a guitar? Instruments?

Acoustic only, sure.   Please be courteous of your neighbors and abide by the noise curfew.  If security asks you to quiet down, DO SO.