Recycling Store/10 for 1 Bottle Exchange

The Recycling Store saves millions of bottles, cans and cups every year.

Founded in 2004 by Global Inheritance, the Recycling Store/10 for 1 Bottle Exchange isn’t about breaking recycling records but creating a positive experience that lasts beyond the festival and inspires the Coachella community that expands around the world.

Pick up bottles, cans and cups you find on the Coachella grounds or campsites, collect points and cash them in for amazing merch such as:

  • Coachella Tees
  • Coachella Refillable Bottles
  • Coachella Posters
  • Coachella Sweatshirts
  • Ferris Wheel Tickets
  • VIP Upgrades
  • Coachella Totes


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