Official Coachella Guide

Driving to Coachella? Find out what to do with your car.

General Rules

  • Day parking is free.
  • Day parking is open from 9:00a-2:00a on show days. Cars left after 2:00a will be towed.
  • There is no overnight parking other than Camping Companion Parking.
  • Pay close attention to where you park.
  • To help preserve the environment and cut down on traffic, we strongly encourage carpooling. For a chance to win great prizes, check out Carpoolchella.
  • Motorcycle parking is located in Lot 12B. Please check your festival map or mobile app.
  • For ADA parking, please review our Accessibility (ADA) Guide.
  • Directions to all lots can be found in our Getting Here Guide.

VIP Parking

VIP Parking is sold separately and located adjacent to the festival grounds. If you’ve already purchased a VIP Festival Pass, you can contact Ticket Purchase Support to add the VIP Parking pass to your order while supplies last. The pass is good for all 3 days.

To access the VIP Parking lot, everyone in the vehicle must be wearing their VIP festival wristband. Attendees wearing GA wristbands will not be allowed to enter the VIP Parking area.

Camping Companion Parking

This parking pass is good for one extra car of people who are staying in your camping spot, but need to park their car overnight. Camping Companion Parking will be located adjacent to the campgrounds, but may not be located in close proximity to your camping spot.

A very limited amount of Camping Companion Parking passes are available. This pass is only available for purchase when buying your Car/Tent Camping pass. Campers will only be allowed to purchase one additional Camping Companion Parking pass per camping pass purchased, while supplies last. Once Camping Companion Parking passes are sold out, there will be no alternative on-site overnight parking options available.

  • If you already purchased a festival pass and camping pass, please contact Ticket Purchase Support to add a Camping Companion Parking pass to your existing order while supplies last.
  • Vehicles with Camping Companion Parking passes can enter to park at any time on Thursday starting at 9AM and Friday-Sunday from 9AM until 10PM. *time subject to change/not during lock down hours
  • There is no vehicle exit or entry from Car Camping or Camping Companion Parking during lockdown hours. Lockdown hours are from 10:00p-2:00a Fri-Sun. If you need to leave Car Camping or Camping Companion Parking prior to 2:00a on any night, you must do so before 10:00p. All hours are subject to change based on safety concerns and traffic conditions.
  • There will be no car ins/outs in the Camping Companion Parking lot. If you drive out, you will forfeit your spot and be redirected to the Day Parking lots which do not allow overnight parking. If you park in a Day Parking lot overnight, you will be towed. Do not drive out unless you are planning on leaving for good.
  • Please plan ahead and carpool to the festival site. To save yourself the long walk dragging gear, we strongly encourage all Camping Companion Pass holders to load their gear in the car that is driving to the Car Camping spot.
  • Before entering the Camping Companion Parking lot, everyone in the vehicle must be wearing their festival wristband.
  • All vehicles will be thoroughly searched.

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