On-Site Camping

Official Coachella Guide

Make Coachella a full four days of fun with on-site camping. Build your own oasis in car and tent camping, or check into one of our fully-equipped premium camping options.

Campground Amenities

Mobile Phone Charging Stations
Portable Toilets in All Camp Lots
Free Water Refill Stations
Satellite Stores with Ice in all Camp Lots

Directions to camping and parking can be found in our Getting Here Guide.

Car Camping

Camp next to your car.

Car Camping Spot Size

Car Camping spots are 10’x30′ and you can have as many people camping in your spot as you can comfortably fit. Spots are good for the entire weekend. Once parked, your car stays in your spot for the entire weekend. There is no driving in/out of your camping spot. There will be no saving spots. Arrive together to camp together.  Not sold individually.  Only valid when scanned with festival pass from same order. No exceptions. If you’re driving in one car, you will only be able to occupy one spot, even if you have purchased more than one spot.

Car Camping Spot Size

One car is required per car camping spot. Only one car is allowed per car camping spot. Companion vehicles will not be allowed to park in your camping spot. For information on Camping Companion Parking, please review our Parking Guide.

Car Camping - Allowed Vehicle Types

Car Camping - Not Allowed Vehicles

You must have a normal passenger car, truck or van. No motorcycles, RVs, trailers, motorhomes, busses or U-Haul trucks will be allowed. Still can’t figure out what kind of vehicle you’re allowed to bring? Here’s some additional examples.

Camping spots are not sold individually and are not valid unless scanned with a festival pass from the same order. Camping spots are non-transferable and will only be valid when used with the festival passes they were originally purchased with.

Tent Camping

Tent Camping - Companion Parking

Tent only camping spots are a 10’×15′ grass spot and you can have as many people camp in your spot as you can comfortably fit. Each tent camping spot comes with one overnight parking spot to leave your car.

Tent Camping - Companion Parking

One additional camping companion parking pass per camping spot is available for purchase.  Companion parking will be adjacent to the campgrounds and may not be in close proximity to your camping spot.

Lake Eldorado

Enjoy Coachella with flair located in the serene setting of the redeveloped Lake Eldorado.

The exclusive Lake Eldorado is only accessible for Lake Eldorado campsite guests. Guests will enjoy all the standard campground amenities as well as:

  • Separate camping check-in location.
  • Free exclusive showers.
  • Private access to porta-potties and flushable toilets.
  • 24-hour concierge service.
  • Lakeside benches with umbrellas for group gatherings.
  • Close proximity to the general store and food vendors.
  • Lake Eldorado’s kick-ass Tee Pees are 16′ in diameter, fully pitched and ready to go with two cots, sleeping bags and pillows.
  • Lake Eldorado’s safari-styled tents are 12’x14′, fully pitched and ready to go with four cots, sleeping bags and pillows.
  • 4-person tents will feature additional hospitality amenities, such as a cooler and chairs.
  • Each Lake Eldorado Tee Pee or Tent reservation comes with a single designated parking spot in an adjacent lot.
  • Vehicle in/out privileges from the Lake Eldorado lot. (All-day Thurs. and 2:00a-10:00a Fri.-Sun.)
  • The sleeping bags and pillows are yours to keep. Any sleeping bags or pillows left over will be donated to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission.

Lake Eldorado is restricted to ages 18 and above only.

Safari Tents

Nestled in a secluded area away from the rest of on-site camping, these exclusive, fully furnished Shakir-style Safari tents will be fully set-up, furnished and awaiting your arrival and include:

  • Safari guest passes (including backstage access) with option to add additional passes.
  • Off-site private check-in.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Private restrooms and showers.
  • Golf cart shuttles to and from the stages.
  • Private parking adjacent to Safari Tent camping.
  • Drop-off area for your gear.
  • Breakfast and late-night snacks.
  • On-site concierge.
  • Secure fence lines with dedicated security.
  • Outdoor chairs, shade tents and outdoor lighting.
  • Many games and activities.

Safari Tent passes are sold exclusively through Valley Music Travel.

For information on accessible camping, please review our Accessibility (ADA) Guide.

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