How to Purchase

Here’s the step-by-step walk through of the purchase process along with some pro tips.

In this example, Psychic Friend will be buying:

  • 2 GA festival passes
  • A Car Camping spot
  • A Companion Camping Parking pass

She’s gonna partaay!

The day passes go on sale, simply visit You will create your ticket purchase account during the order process after you’ve filled up your shopping cart.  There is only advance account set up prior to the on sale day.  If you’ve bought passes in 2017 to any of the following events, then you already have a ticket purchase account and may use your same email/password from that purchase: Arroyo Seco Weekend, Bumbershoot, Camp Flog Gnaw, Coachella, Firefly, FYF Fest, Hangout, Panorama, Splash House, Stagecoach.

Go to when passes go on sale and click on the weekend you’d like to attend.  If you show up too early, you’ll likely see something like this:

When passes go on sale, the page will automatically refresh. You are now assigned a random spot in line to purchase passes.

You should review all the 2018 pass information available before making your purchase.

Choose Your Passes

When it’s your turn to order passes, a message will pop up on the screen asking you to begin. You’ll land here and click on the “FESTIVAL PASSES” navigation tab.

Then click on the type of pass you want.  Psychic Friend chooses GA passes.

Select the quantity of passes* from the drop down and click “Add To Cart”.   You can not buy more than 2 passes.  Any over the limit orders (even if in multiple orders) are subject to cancellation without notice.

PRO TIP: Read the description of the pass BEFORE you buy.

Adding Items to Your Cart

Psychic Friend wants to purchase a Car Camping spot to share with her boyfriend and another couple .

Now choose the “CAMPING” navigation tab…

…and choose Car Camping…

…then click “add to cart”.

Pro-Tip: Camping passes can only be purchased along with festival passes. Camping passes are only valid when used with a festival pass that was part of the same order.  If you try to buy one alone, you’ll likely see something like this:


Please Note:  If you already purchased a festival pass during the advance sale and want to add a camping spot to your order,  you simply need to log in first before you begin the order process. The system will recognize that you already purchased a festival pass and allow you to just choose camping, while supplies last.

Adding More Items to Your Cart

Repeat the same steps until you’ve got everything  you want in your cart.

Psychic Friend needs Camping Companion Parking pass for her boyfriend, who is driving separately to park his car for the weekend.

Choose “Camping Companion Parking” then “add to cart”

Pro-Tip 1:  Add-ons sell out quickly, so it’s good to grab everything while you can.

Pro-Tip 2: You can save time at Coachella by buying the 2018 poster along with your passes. The poster will be shipped separately, directly to you, so it can be kept in mint condition.

Time to Check Out

In case you hadn’t noticed, everything you’ve added to your cart appears on the right-hand side of your screen.  Check to make sure all of your items are there, then click “CHECK OUT”

Now you will be taken to the login choices. Here is where you can create an account.

Pro-Tip:  Only use the “Login With Facebook” option if the email associated with your Facebook account is your primary email and you still check it. Otherwise, you will not receive order updates or confirmations and may have problems logging in to your Coachella ticket purchase account in the future. Learn how to update your Facebook email.

If you’ve bought passes in 2017 to any of the following events, then you already have a ticket purchase account and may use your same email/password from that purchase: Arroyo Seco Weekend, Bumbershoot, Camp Flog Gnaw, Coachella, Firefly, FYF, Hangout, Eat Drink Vegan, Panorama, Splash House, Stagecoach.

Fill in the required fields and click “SUBMIT”.


Next you choose shipping. Do you want to ship to the same (your billing) address? Click “YES” or “NO”.

Pro-Tip: Passes being sent to an alternate shipping address will still have the name of the primary purchaser on the package. The purchaser may use the passes or give their package away. However, orders unable to be delivered under any circumstances (e.g. lost, stolen, errors, forgot, dog scared the postman, aliens, returned to sender) must be picked up at Will Call by the original purchaser. No alternate names are allowed. If you are buying passes as a gift for someone, you should place the order in their name to be on the safe side.

Next, put in your payment info and read the terms and click the button saying you read the terms.
(Payment plan option only available during the advance sale.)

Read & agree to the terms.

Then click “PROCESS ORDER”

Your credit card is now being charged. Do not close the window or hit refresh or you may lose your order and have to start over.

Then here is your receipt… Write down your order number!


See you in April!

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