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    Angry hotel rates ^ increase

    I was doing some early planning, decided to book a place in advance.
    I found this travelodge at $64.99/day, a f-ing steal if u ask me. I thought that
    I booked it on line, all to have the booking company to tell me it didn't go through? So I called the place they can tell me that a major entertainment company, booked all the rooms for next Coach... W.T.F.!!!!

    To top it all the cheapest place was at the same place where I stayed at
    for this past Coach. Their rates went up from $89.99 to $129.00/day. I thought
    I was doing this too early...but i was to late for the $64.99 deal. And all the
    other hotels want $200-$300/day, what a rip off!!!

    ************************** FYI ******************************
    The major hotel discount sites are going to start taking bookings for next year,
    by the beginning of JUNE, so look out for some good deals, if you plan to
    get a place. I'm gonna be looking for a better deal, that's for sure!
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