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    My next guess has become a fixture on the Coachella nuboard. A controversial figure in some corners, suprefan gained infamy last year when he decided to display a pleothera of Radiohead tickets to a group of members who were lamenting the fact that they were unable to get tickets. Pretty much everyone, including myself, called him douchebag for such insensitivity. It also raised the question as to how he procured so many difficult to come by tickets and whether or not he was actually going to be selling some of them for a profit. I canít remember if there was more to it, but accusations of scalping started flying around his name and is now a ubiquitous insult hurled at him, whether fairly or not. To this date, I have not seen him actively protest the accusation that heís scalped tickets before. Maybe on advice of counsel, I donít know.

    Suprefan is clearly an indie fanboy and loves the festival and music in general. He also loves posting photos of himself at the same angle repeatedly. If you havenít seen his pic, you havenít been reading the board very closely. He has heavily moussed spikey hair and large dark eyebrows. He also seems to lack common sense of message board tact when interacting with young ladies he finds attractive Ė most notably comical was his frequent come ons to the young board nymphette Ė Caitlin. At one point, suprefan even told her that he would be in her area if she wanted to hang out with him (if you know what I mean). Apparently, he preferred the public forum of the message board versus the more discreet personal messages. Much to our pleasure, I might add.

    Oh, I should add in the interest of full disclosure that I have caught some flack from him on the board. Not that I blame him, I was urging people not to be nice to him (when he was, in fact, just sharing some of the video he took from the festival) for fear it would make him more likely to post. He very quickly turned to one of his trademark features: the fight threat. Or at least thatís how I viewed it. He said something along the lines to me of: ďput your money where your mouth isĒ after my post. The thing is, while Iíve never engaged in a fist fight with anyone (with the exception of my older brother years ago), Iím pretty sure I could take him. Iím not a he-man by any stretch of the imagination but his arms arenít all that stacked and I canít imagine heíd want to risk getting that spikey moussed hair messed with. But Iím opposed to fighting as a means of problem solving, so I had to turn him down on principle.

    Anyway, enough background, letís bring him out. Please welcome to the show the board member Suprefan! Supre Ė say hi to everyone and feel free to introduce people in your own words.

    (NOTE: please remember that this is my interview with Supre. You are not to ask him any questions of your own. You can PM me questions youíd like asked, but I canít promise you Iíll ask them. And, Iíd like to remind my guest that you are not to speak to anyone but me or answer any questions by anyone but me. This is MY show. Dammit.)
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