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Thread: Sleepy Thoughts...

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    Default Sleepy Thoughts...

    I'm about to knock out and I was just curious to what you people think as you're about to sleep.

    My big ones are Death and Crushes. And if I had a good night, I'd reminisce about it.
    "Mr. Toad's Wild Aidz."

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    Default Re: Sleepy Thoughts...

    Sometimes I feel like I'm drowning or being crushed, and I have to wake up to breathe again.
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    I miss talking to TomAz.

    We all do. I live in the same city as him (unless he relocated) and rumor has it that at 3:15am if you listen closely and its really really quiet you can hear him telling you to go fuck yourself.

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    Say goodbye to that acid, Greg.

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