Since I said I would abandon Vinyl's thread...

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1. There are no past tense addicts. Someone who had truly been an addict in the past would not be looking for a one time smack deal for kicks.
2. Yes, you're responsible. Yes, you know what you're doing. But it's not entirely your choice and it's not a decision you would make without the influence of desperate need.
3. These are words. They aren't tough, they're symbols.
1. There are different kinds of addicts, believe it or not, just as there are different kinds of people. A very small percentage even manage to pull off being chippers, and only dip in every once in a while and can then back away. Are all alcoholics equally as self-destructive in their habit? No. The three years I was using I still maintained a professional job without arousing suspicion and practically never went to the blocks to cop--I left that up to the various other fiends I knew because I still maintained enough self-preservational instincts to not want to get arrested. Since moving to Cali I've dipped back in about a dozen times and never really wanted to extend it much further because, frankly, addiction is too fucking tiring and too expensive.

2. Who are you to dictate what could be my only influence for making any decision? You're pushing your knowledge of heroin addicts (which admittedly is an accurate representation in about 90 percent of the fiends I've known) on to me. You assume too much, and you assume it in an entirely personal fashion, which is generally a mistake as it is here.

3. Symbols can't be tough? What about the word-symbol "tough" itself? Alright, let me rephrase--you get awfully fucking personal and judgmental over meaningless bullshit. You actually jump at the opportuntiy to attack my character flaws, seemingly just because I post about drugs. What the fuck is your beef exactly? I would love to hear what it is in YOU that makes me such a big fucking peeve.

Point out any factual inaccuracies in anything I've posted on the subject matter and I'll gladly accept the criticism, but it's absurd that you feel such a dire need to assail what I have to say just because you think I'm doing it to look cool or whatever. But the vast majority of what I've had to say about it all is hardly trying to look cool, from where I'm sitting at least. I've done at least as much to detail the negative realities of drugs as the positive. So what the fuck?