i posted this in another thread but here you go again.

im from palm springs and heres the local bus system, i use it all the time, pretty simple. www.sunline.org The buses come around every 30 minutes or so.

Here are some directions. It might take a while and be a little confusing for some but it only costs $1.25.

1. Walk onto the main street of the airport, El Cielo, and look for a bus stop for bus number 24. It will be on the right/east side of this street.

2. Get on the 24, make sure it is westbound/towards Palm Springs. Buy one fare for $1 and one transfer for $0.25. This ride will be about 30 minutes.

3. Get off the 24 at Palm Canyon & Stevens. This is the transfer spot for the number 111 bus. If you are not sure where to get off just ask the driver when the stop for the 111 is. Most of the drivers are very helpful and will let you know when to get off.

4. Use your transfer to get on the 111, make sure it is eastbound/towards indi0. This ride will take about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

5. Get off at Hwy 111 & Monroe. Again, just ask the driver for help.

6. Here you have two options:
1) walk about 2 miles south on Monroe St. Major streets you should pass are: Dr. Carreon, 48th Ave, 48th Ave, and then 50th Ave where the polo grounds are.
2) you will see a very very very large amount of cars driving towards the festival. Walk towards the direction of the cars while trying to hitch a ride, somebody will pick you up.

Like i said, it might take a while and be a bit confusing, but its either this or pay a hell of a lot more for a taxi or rental car. Also when the date gets closer i will be able to figure out if i can drive a few people as well, im not sure yet though. I hope this helped somehow