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    A bit early I know, but I have an offer for anyone looking to stay at the Regency (insider and shuttle stop hotel). Basically I was able to secure a room for 4 nights for both weekends at about $1000 less than their current posted rates (see below) using points. Not sure what weekend I'm attending, but I'm down to pass on the savings to someone and you can just reimburse me for the points.

    *EDIT: currently weekend 1 is priced at $3300 and weekend 2 at $2750
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    How does this work, exactly? I'd be potentially interested.

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    Update: we ended up selling to someone on fb and they wanted the Hyatt in Palm Springs, but unfortunately she can’t make it anymore. The room was $1800, but she would be fine to lose $100. It has two beds and a sofa bed and includes breakfast for 2, along with 4PM Monday checkout.

    So if anyone wants to help her out (and save a bit on a place to stay), give us a shout!

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