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Thread: If you ever lost your friends

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    Default If you ever lost your friends

    For Festivals. Camping. Skiing.

    An off grid solution to finding each other. Passing on the friends and family discount.

    No Bluetooth. GPS. No cell phones needed. And no one now!

    After 3 years of love, sweat and tears, LynQ's Indiegogo pre-sale is live *TODAY*.

    Our first 24-48 hours is so critical for our success and I'd be grateful for your help -- even if you can't buy a Lynq, simply sharing, commenting and/or liking this post helps a great deal. I've included a unique link for a deeper discount (52%+) than normal early bird price for all of you -- and your friends and family.

    I'm so thankful for all of your love and support, even after spending the last year out of sight and in a cave working all the time.

    12/4 Orbital @ BK Steel
    12/6 Bonobo @ Output
    12/7 Rrose/Lucy @ Good Room
    12/8 Shifted/Ancient Methods/Oscar Mulero/Merzbow/Prurient/Jesu @ Knockdown Center

    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Help me decide what to wear to the show I'm going to tonight, everyone. I'll post pics of my six different potential outfits in a second.
    Quote Originally Posted by bmack86 View Post
    What is it about a band you love unconditionally that makes you adore them? Otherwise I'm going to just rip all over your shitty taste in bad bands.

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    Default Re: If you ever lost your friends


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    Quote Originally Posted by algunz View Post
    Bummer, could be useful. But I guess getting lost is sometimes part of the fun, too.

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