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Thread: Souvenirs?

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    Talking Souvenirs?

    Anyone get anything good?

    check out what is on craigslist.

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    Who would seriously pay 50$ for that? I think one of the set times boards would have been cool had they not been vandalized.

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    buying stolen property iz a crime
    Quote Originally Posted by SepaGroove View Post
    You shouldn't feel uncool for not going to EDC, you should feel uncool because you are uncool.

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    Stealing property, however, is perfectly legal.
    I miss talking to TomAz.

    We all do. I live in the same city as him (unless he relocated) and rumor has it that at 3:15am if you listen closely and its really really quiet you can hear him telling you to go fuck yourself.

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    You could get a shitload of free camping equipment from people who traveled here by plane and didn't wat to take it back with them. I got a free tent and some sleeping bags from our neighbors. There was tons of stuff left everywhere, and my friend found a pack of cigarettes with 8 rolled up joints of some Cali bud when we were leaving Monday, that made for a good drive back to texas.
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