Sorry, but it's true.

The festival itself is horrifically organised. I felt like a sheep, not a customer.

There were only 2 good things i can think of about the festival: The Line-up and the quality of the toilets.

The campsite was bollocks:
Absolutely horse shit how they make you camp in designated areas.
No room for a communal area with friends if you have seperate tents.
No alcahol? Do they even know what a festival is?
A noise curfew? WHY?

The festival site was OK:
Not allowed back to the campsite was shit, but i see the reason behind it.

Ticket lines for WillCall etc:
Absolutely horse! 2 boxes for WillCall, when there were thousands of international visitors who HAD TO CHOOSE WILLCALL!
3 seperate tickets for each day? Ridiculous. The amount of trees cut down for 3 tickets is phenominal!