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Thread: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    1. The Killers - Glastonbury
    2. Radiohead - Sprint Center
    3. New Order - Coachella (W1)
    4. Arcade Fire - Grand Prospect Hall
    5. Interpol - El Rey
    6. Radiohead - Glastonbury
    7. Foo Fighters - Glastonbury
    8. Fleet Foxes - Hollywood Bowl
    9. Jeff Tweedy - Largo (Night 2)
    10. James Blake - Immanuel Presbyterian (Night 2)

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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    I honestly don't feel like it was a great year for shows. Unlike previous years, I didn't have a glut of fantastic shows to choose from. Also, U2 cancelled, and the inaugural Safe As Milk Fest in Wales I had tickets to pulled the plug on themselves a month before they launched.

    1. Radiohead - Sprint Center, KC
    2. The Jesus Lizard - Day For Night, Houston
    3. Arcade Fire - Silverstein Eye Care Arena, Independence
    4. Perfume Genius - Day For Night, Houston
    5. PJ Harvey - Pitchfork Fest, Chicago
    6. Jane Doe Collective - The Blue Note, Columbia. This was a rotating group of all-female musicians who did a revue of female-sung songs starting from the 00's going back to the 60's. Started out good, but towards the end of the night they were on fire. Show was a benefit for Planned Parenthood. A remarkable event.
    7. Clinic - Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
    8. Xenia Rubinos - Cafe Berlin, Columbia
    9. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Day For Night, Houston
    10. John Prine - Roots 'N Blues 'N BBQ Fest, Columbia
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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    I'm gonna go with top 10 sets:


    My real number one comes with a "Bullet." On 12/30 I saw the Misfits with Danzig. They have been one of my all-time favorite bands since middle school, so seeing that and having it be good was as wonderful as anything I could ever have asked for. It's one of the coolest things I've ever seen, but also doesn't seem like it fits into 2017 or any other time.

    1. Frank Ocean at FYF

    I love his music so much, and this show was just so intimate and spare for a headlining festival set. He was super on point, great vocals, and made for a unique night.

    2. Quitapenas at Romano's Concert Lounge

    I've been obsessed with their music all year, and this set was a total killer. A massive home town dance party between their two Coachella sets, and they got the whole place moving.

    3. Subrosa at Psycho Las Vegas

    Woah. They are always so great live, and it seems like they're just getting better.

    4. Mike Watt and the Secondmen at the Observatory

    The Minutemen are one of my all-time favorites, and every time I've seen Watt he has neglected to play their stuff. This time the set was almost all Minutemen, as sung and led by the electric organist. That sort of left-field idea is something only Watt would do, and only he could make work. It sounded great.

    5. The Echo Ohs at the Mountain Rambler

    We book some cool shows at the brewery I work at, and this was the best of the year. A young NZ punk band, they played after a bluegrassy band that was okay. Echo Ohs came out with all guns blazing and fired the crowd up so much that they didn't get off stage until they had played every song they knew, and then they hung out with the staff for the next few hours. The best people, a great show, and I hope we get to have them back, because it was a special night.

    6. Jamey Johnson at the Grand Sierra, Reno

    Seeing him live is probably what it was like to catch Skynyrd at the heights of their powers. Lots of long jams, lots of covers, a 14 piece band playing with full force and completely locked in together. And you're fronted by one of the best voices in music right now. SO glad to have finally caught him at his own gig.

    7. Mulatu Astatke at Psycho Las Vegas

    Ethiojazz at a metal fest? They played four songs and it was hauntingly incredible. He trusts his band and lets them explore.

    8. EYEHATEGOD at The Blue Lamp Sacramento

    Mike IX should be dead, and instead he got up on stage and played a 2+ hour set that absolutely killed it. They were as great as ever and played a best-of set that felt like a total celebration in light of Mike's recent severe health scares.

    9. Car Seat Headrest at Pappy and Harriet's

    The end of a week of concert travels was greeted with a killer set from one of my favorite young bands. They played all of the great songs off Teens of Denial and really stretched the out.

    10. The Who at Harvey's Lake Tahoe

    Daltrey can still sing, and watching Pete Townsend play guitar was life-affirming. Surprise of the year, no doubt.

    And a few others that were really worth seeing

    Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith at Union Station
    LA Guns at the Whiskey
    Bill Callahan at the Nevada City Miner's Foundry
    Carcass at Psycho Las Vegas
    Anderson Paak and the Free Nationals at FYF
    Street Chant at the Mountain Rambler
    Valley Queen at the Mountain Rambler
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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    1: Roger Waters - Winnipeg, MTS Centre. A dream come true that somehow exceeded sky-high expectations. Best visual show in the game.

    2: Tool - Calgary, Saddledome. Somehow the first time I've seen them, another dream come true.

    3: Kendrick - Coachella W2. Seeing the best in the game who just released a massively successful album was super special. And W2 where I was EVERYONE knew the words. Very memorable to me.

    4: Radiohead - Coachella W2. Only this low because I saw them in 2016 at Primavera. Another perfect show, though. Absolute magic, and hearing Lucky/Exit Music/I Might Be Wrong/MIL/FPT. Damn good setlist

    5: Moderat - Coachella W2. Again only this low because I saw them at Primavera in 2016. IMO, the absolute best electronic show you could've seen in 2017

    6: Hans Zimmer - Coachella W2. I mean, goddamn. That was something special.

    HM's to King Gizzard, Róisín Murphy and ScHoolboy Q at Coachella, Talib Kweli at Sasktel Jazzfest in Saskatoon, and Death By Stereo in my good old hometown here of Regina.

    Here's to another great year of music ahead. I predict I'll be losing my shit at David Byrne, one or more of Chem. Bros./the Prodigy/Massive Attack/Jamiroquai, Slowdive and, yes, the Weeknd.

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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    @bmack fuck I need to see eyehategod bad

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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    I think the closest they'll be to you this tour is in Milwaukee. You do need to see 'em.
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    Remember Hitler? I don't but here we are again .. cr****

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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    The fact that their tour is skipping us is a fucking travesty. They're playing Fargo and Sioux Falls, but skipping us. I guess that's how those cities usually feel idk. I've seen ehg 5 times and they're a force. They don't have a lot of stage antics or anything, but they bring something out in the crowd. Always a good time

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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    1. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Sportpaleis, Antwerp
    2. Radiohead - Rock Werchter
    3. Gorillaz - Forest Nationaal, Brussels
    4. Justice - DOUR Festival
    5. Sigur Ros - Forest National, Brussels
    6. Arcade Fire - Rock Werchter
    7. Alt-J - NOS Alive
    8. Foo Fighters - NOS Alive
    9. Kraftwerk presents The Man Machine - Queen Elisabethzaal, Antwerp
    10. ODESZA - Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    As I recounted here:

    Bucket List, Checked:

    Iron Maiden — Riverport, 7/12

    This show was everything I could have expected from a Maiden show, even if I would have loved to hear about an hour’s more worth of music from their 1981-1986 period, but that’s what I get for waiting until I was 40 to see them. Rumors swirled for a bit that this may have been their last tour, but I have since heard that isn’t the case, and I certainly hope that’s true.

    Descendents — The Pageant, 10/6

    Unlike some of the others on the list, I actually haven’t even had the chance/opportunity to see the Descendents before. Through nearly 40 songs, every song was a new rush; nearly each one had been etched into my brain for decades. It was an incredible show, and their energy never lagged, but I could never really shake the feeling that I was watching a bunch of 50-something playing 35 year old songs in a way that probably pales in comparison to what I would have seen 20, 30 or 35 years ago.

    Bucket List, 25 Years Too Late Category:

    Guns ‘n Roses — America’s Center, 7/27

    Metallica — Busch Stadium, 6/4

    In 1992, on a beautiful sunny September Saturday morning in Dallas, Texas, I received a call from a friend asking if I could go with him and a group of friends to see Metallica, Guns ‘n’ Roses, and Faith No More at Texas Stadium that day. My parents said “no”. So, nearly 25 years later, I rectified that situation and was able to finally see Metallica and Guns ‘n’ Roses, each for the first time. I have done the math, and even with inflation taken into account, I paid a ridiculous premium to these shows this summer, especially considering how far off their prime both bands are, but it was truly worth it.

    The crowd for Metallica gamely waited through a soaking rain, with it finally breaking just around the time Metallica started playing. The setlist mercifully steered clear of much of their late-era stuff, but it’s funny how changing up just 2 or 3 songs out of nearly 20 can make a difference in one’s perception of the quality of a setlist. I am sure some people thought this was a great setlist, but, for me, it dragged at the beginning, and the decision to play “Fuel” and both ballads from the Black album created a hurdle that took me a while to get over (considering their vast catalogue of far superior songs), but by the end of the set, I was thoroughly satisfied with finally getting to see Metallica.

    Guns ‘n’ Roses, on the other hand, only left one 1 or 2 songs that I would have loved to hear off the setlist, but at 4+ hours, the set turned into an endurance test. They were on time, sounded great, and were mentally in the game. Lots and lots of local tips of the hat, thanks in large part to the rotating t-shirt collection of Richard Fortus (who somehow has the third longest tenure of anyone with band), Axl, and Duff. They could have cut nothing but covers (and maybe that one horrible Chinese Democracy ballad) and trimmed an hour of the length of the set, and it would have been perfect.

    Too bad Faith No More didn’t come through St. Louis this summer…

    Nostalgia, But Still Rocking:

    The Toadies w/ Local H — Black Cat (D.C.), 10/17

    How have I never seen Local H until 2017 when I have lived in a city where they play 1-3 times a year for 17 years? I first saw them opening for Metallica, where not only did I love the performance, but I loved watching the faces of the more traditional “metalheads” trying to figure out what was going on, especially during “High Fiving MF”. But at the Black Cat, it was an entirely different, ear-piercing, life-affirming bludgeoning of a good time. I will not skip their next show.

    Growing up in the 90s in Dallas/Ft. Worth, I have seen the Toadies 20+ times — before they were a thing, while they were a thing, and after they were a thing — and they were always great. This was no different, and it’s great to see them still doing it well. I knew all the songs, sang to all of them, loudly and out of key, and raised my fist to the altar of 90s alt rock. But they were still no match for Local H.

    Non-Nostalgia, But Honestly, Still Nostalgia Category:

    LCD Soundsystem — The Anthem (D.C.), 10/18

    This was my fourth time seeing LCD Soundsystem, but me first non-festival show (Lolla 2007, Pitchfork 2010, LouFest 2016). They played at a pristine, incredible new venue in Washington DC, and the setlist was perfect. It was my third straight night of seeing shows that week, though, so I was exhausted, but I persevered. It paid off. The new songs from American Dream came alive in the live setting, and the old favorites were elevated by an ecstatic (shockingly young) crowd.

    Luna — Off Broadway, 11/4

    Luna brought nothing new to the table and played exactly what everyone in the room at Off Broadway wanted to hear. It was perfect. It was great seeing them back together again. Luna has always been louder, rowdier (as much as they can be) and more fun live than on record and this night was no different.

    Other great shows that I don’t have enough time to write extended thoughts about:

    Downtown Boys were cathartic and awesome at Off Broadway on August 22.

    Beach Slang played to a tiny crown at the too-big-for-them-apparently Ready Room on November 24 as if was a giant crowd or a packed tiny club.

    I went to see The Menzingers (who were great), but fell in love with Jeff Rosenstock at The Duck Room on March 5.

    Sigur Ros delivered an intense, mind-blowing two sets at the Peabody on June 5. The second best show from them that I have ever seen, and that’s saying a lot.

    Modest Mouse delivered one of their best shows in years at The Pageant on June 9.

    Dinosaur Jr. brought the tunes and permanent hearing damage to Delmar Hall on March 19, but I am still pissed I missed the “secret” show at Way Out Club two nights later with Lou and J doing opening sets for hardcore legends Negative Approach (bucket list, unchecked still).

    White Reaper rocked my face at 7th Street entry in Minneapolis on May 1. The band and crowd alike were stoked beyond anything and the whole place was filled with energy.

    Wilco played a typically great quasi-homecoming show at The Pageant on November 13.

    Father John Misty won me over with his oddly sincere corny/tongue-in-cheek earnestness/satire/but-is-the-joke-on-me-?-schtick at The Peabody on September 22.

    I don’t get out to see local bands that much anymore (to my great disappointment), so the 2017 ShowcaseSTL on June 17 at many venues in the Grove was like Christmas morning for me. I got to see some old favorites and catch up on some great new (to me, anyway) St. Louis bands. The whole thing ended with a crazy awesome version of “American Girl” by Bass Amp and Dano, which leads me to…

    I am so happy I made it out to see Tom Petty at the Scottrade Center on May 12. It was only my second time to see him live; the first time was on the Wildflowers tour, and impossible to top, but this was pretty great.
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    Default Re: top 10 shows/sets of 2017

    Nice write up. I was at that Modest Mouse show too. I'd say it was just as good as their last show at the Pageant a few years back, though I liked the setlist more this time around.

    I've seen Local H several times throughout the years, the first time was when they opened for Gravity Kills in '96. This was pre-'Bound For the Floor' radio play so I didn't know who they were, they kicked ass and won the night.
    We're here to play some Mississippi Delta Blues. We're in a horrible depression, and I gotta admit - we're starting to like it.

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