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Thread: Looking for Weekend one Camping/Rooming?!

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    Default Looking for Weekend one Camping/Rooming?!

    Hey guys!

    My friend ended up having to sell her ticket and now I am left going alone. So, I'm looking for someone I can possible bunk with camping or split a room with during weekend 1! I'm a 22 year-old solo female traveling so I would love to vibe and be able to hang out with you during the weekend too! Please send me a private message if you'd be interested!! It's my first Coachella experience so I am trying to make things as fun and smooth as possible!!!

    Hope to hear from someone soon!!

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    Default Re: Looking for Weekend one Camping/Rooming?!

    Hey! Me and my friend are currently looking for housing as well. I'm male she's female and her first time going to coachella. I'm currently looking for either a house to rent and have a few other people join to lower costs.

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