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    What are the rules for car camping as in selling a pass to a fellow festival goer? Are they extremely strict when it's comes to who purchased the car camping pass? I have camped before but it was so long ago as in would just check if you had the proper wristband. I brought one as a back up plan but we were able to find a place in palm desert and have booked house already. I would really like to make sure someone uses that pass and I at least get my money back.

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    You may have to trade both your car camping pass and your ticket to someone who just has a ticket (wristband). Do you have an extra car camping pass? If so, I am interested.
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    It honestly depends on who you get in the security check line. Sometimes the care if it matches, and sometimes they don't. It's always a risk. You could just trade wristbands with the person you sell it too, if they already have a wristband. Also a risk in itself. I had to buy a camping pass last year and the seller was really cool and trusting in letting me meet up and swap bracelets to match the pass. Everything went fine with no issues. If you are selling them, I would note the risk of only buying the pass on it's own. hope that helps.

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