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    Default Payment declined

    In past years,
    On my payment plan the automatic payment didn't go through, so a few days later I tried the payment and it went through.

    Anyone's payment fail THIS YEAR??
    Just want to know if terms changed or anything
    Or if they've became less lenient

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    Um i believe its like 10 days from initial failed transaction and then you're out.

    Well shit, man. I took all but 30 seconds to pull this from the faqs section:

    DEFAULT on payments will result in cancellation of your order and a $50 restocking fee. NO exceptions. It is 100% YOUR responsibility to manage your payment plan. You must pay attention to your bank and credit card statements to make sure your payments are deducted. You will have a 10-day grace period to pay. If your payment is not made by the 10th day after the initial charge is run, your order WILL BE CANCELLED and you will be charged a $50 restocking fee.
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    Default Re: Payment declined

    Tons of people's payments fail each month.

    Some reasons I coudl think of...

    the person moved and they didnt update the billing address on file with the ticketing company. Young/some people seem to think just setting up a forwarding address with the post office magically updates everywhere. hahah.

    If the card on file expires, need to update new expiration date in file with ticketing company.

    If card is maxed out.

    Some people think they are updating the shipping address and instead update the billing address on file which then is not the billing address so the charge declines.
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