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Thread: Hotel shuttle passes: what are they good for?

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    Default Hotel shuttle passes: what are they good for?

    So I know this is a dumb question with an obvious answer because I know that the hotel shuttle passes just take you to/from the festival to the hotels nearby, but...

    Two of my friends had to get the hotel shuttle and GA combo at presale because they sold out of just GA, and myself and the other person just got GA. We're planning on camping on the grounds, already paid for our campsite. Now myself and the person who don't have the hotel shuttle passes are considering buying them instead of the other two trying to sell or just not using them. But since we're not staying at a hotel, is there any use for them? I.e. can we use them to get to hotel parties that we don't need to stay at the hotel for, can we use them to go places that would be worth our while? (I know that's a little subjective, but you know what I mean.)

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    Default Re: Hotel shuttle passes: what are they good for?

    I doubt it'd be worth the wait in the shuttle lines at the end of the night for another hour drive to palm springs for a hotel party. The campground is usually pretty happening enough.

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    Default Re: Hotel shuttle passes: what are they good for?

    There will be plenty of partying at the campgrounds, I assure you.

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    Default Re: Hotel shuttle passes: what are they good for?

    I know there will be partying at the campground, and to be honest, I don't even wanna eff with the hotels/shuttles. We're just stuck with two hotel shuttle passes between the four of us and not sure if it would be a bigger waste to buy two more so we can all use them for something or if it's only useful if you're staying at the hotels. Like maybe on Thursday, could we use it to take a day trip to Palm Springs and hang around there or something?

    On the other hand, do y'all think there's any chance we'd be able to sell the two hotel shuttle passes, or do those never really sell out in the first place?

    I'm just a cheapskate, and I want to get my money's worth now that it's gone, lol. (My friends used my card to purchase and haven't paid me back for the shuttle passes yet because they don't know what we're doing about it yet.) But yeah, on the other hand, I don't want to waste more $ if it's going to take away from the festival/camping experience, all to try to go on some lame field trip.

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    Default Re: Hotel shuttle passes: what are they good for?

    There are no shuttles on Thursday. It's hard to think of a benefit to having a shuttle pass if you're camping. People do sell them on Stubhub and elsewhere, often below face value. If you post them on the Passes sub-forum here, you might sell them.

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    Default Re: Hotel shuttle passes: what are they good for?

    Like gazer dude just said"No shuttles on Thursday " I sold 4 shuttle passes for half price last year. If your camping you have zero need for them. Maybe look to trade them for Beer, liquor, treats..

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