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Thread: Comfort suites past experiences?

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    Hi there!
    Just curious if anyone has stayed at comfort suites as part of their hotel package? If so what's it like? Any parties close to it? What's the shuttle like too and from? Anyone else staying there next year?

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    I've stayed at the Comfort Suites a couple of times before for Coachella but not as part of a hotel package. It's a standard mid-tier hotel chain property adjacent to an interstate highway exit. There's nothing special about it, but it's generally a clean, comfortable, and quiet place. Amenities include an outdoor pool (albeit small), free continental breakfast, free wi-fi, an exercise room, and a microwave/fridge in each guest room. There's some restaurants nearby. It's not situated in what I'd consider a party zone since the surrounding area developments consist mainly of residential housing and country clubs. It is though right next to the I-10 freeway interchange for quick access. I can't speak about the hotel shuttles to/from that location. The first year I stayed there shuttle service was not yet offered. The second time there wasn't a shuttle stop at that hotel, but it was only a three mile drive south on Washington Street to the Indian Wells Tennis Garden park and ride stop.
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    Good to know thanks mate!

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    oh wow sound so good guys
    Thank you so much for sharing this )

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    Thanks for sharing! Helpful information!

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