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Thread: Confirmation Email Never Recieved

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    Hi, So I Puchased two tickets for Coachella 2018, and as soon as it got processed, it did the transaction from my bank account, but a few minutes later it had said that my time has expired, and when I checked my email, I did not recieve the confirmation, yet my friend did. What should I do in this case? Rebuy the tickets, and call coachella when they are free to cancel the first tickets?

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    I also have not received an email and all my friends have, but I got the order number which I screenshotted and also my card was charged so I think I'm good.

    Did you take down your order number?

    I think if your card was charged you'll be fine.

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    Give it some time... I waited in line for 30 minutes, payed for my ticket just in time, submitted my info, transaction processed successfully and i'm still waiting for the email till this second. maybe it's slow. but some people got theirs, like my friend, and some didn't.

    UPDATE: Also, keep your order number in file just in case.
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    If you got an order number, youre fine. Also, log back into your account andcheck to see if the order is there.

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    How do you check your order info? I haven't received confirmation email either..

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    i had a friend create an account accidentally USING the wrong e-mail address (he forgot to put two numbers in)... anyway, apparently the incorrect e-mail address he entered is someone's address because he couldn't claim it at gmail lol. such a dumb mistake - this happen to anyone before? i advised him to call and explain the situation. he has an order #, payment went through, but his log-in ID is someone else's e-mail address, which is now tied to his order.
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    I just received an email confirmation - 6 hours after purchase. Check your email.
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    I never got my email either but I received my order number. So I decided to purchase another ticket... got the email for the second ticket and called my bank and I was charged twice LOL. I have 2 tickets. I called Coachella and they said 2 things 1) email you entered is incorrect, 2) It takes time because there was so many people on their website at once. Just wait a bit as long as you have your order number your fine.

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