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    I was curious from anyone who went this previous week how the yuma tent has changed. is it in a different location? is it bigger? was there every a line to get into like in previous years. I remember a few years back with artists like Jamie XX and Four Tet performed, there was a line to get in. I really hope that isn't a problem this year as Id love to see the Four tet/floating points/daphni set. Thanks!

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    I walked into the Four Tet/Daphni/Floating Points marathon about halfway through with no line. There's also a little beer garden outside in the back, couches near the entrance, and dedicated bathrooms on the side that are accessible without needing to leave and re-enter the tent. Its also home of the disco shark from the VR/AR app.

    It seemed a lot bigger than I expected, but I hadn't gone into the Yuma tent in previous years (in part due to lines/location).

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    that sounds like a tight little upgrade (TLU with some TLC)
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    It was great all 3 days. Quite a bit bigger, same crowd density as last year, less beds than last year I think. U never have to leave now with the toilets on the inside, well located. It was only really crowded (but in a good way) during Solomun. Security were perfect. No police state. Enjoy, it was great

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    Was inside last weekend:

    10pm-11:30ish (Solumon/Hot Since 82): Line, but it moved. Like a TSA line.
    All other times: just walk through the bicycle rack without stopping

    Never knew about that Beer Garden. Never saw it. Damn!

    Since a few years ago, they have reoriented the DJ booth.

    DJ's now play with their backs on the short wall, from the front of the room, playing out to a long crowd (like in Sahara or on stage in a high school gym setup)

    A few years ago, the DJ booth was parallel to the long wall with a wide dance/crowd floor.

    Have fun in there. Bring water. It's a bit like a sauna.

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    Default Re: Yuma tent question

    There's also big AC vents blasting cool air, great way to cool down when things get a bit heated.

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    There's air vents on the sides. Felt amazing. Find them and dance in them

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