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Thread: Security 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by arya. View Post
    First two days of Weekend 2 were VERY light. They didn't even pat me down Friday. Sunday was very intense, both at the entry and in the festival itself.
    Just depended on who you got. One friend this past Saturday had gotten a new person. then the supervisor starts helping out, and breaks down their entire bag. Found the can of sunscreen ( no aerosol allowed ) hidden away because of it. Meanwhile my person took 5 seconds with my bag and let me go.

    Really you should just kinda hang back for a minute at the gate adn see how the guards are checking, and see how somebody is reacting while doing their job. Make your judgement and go forth. Its pretty easy to find the guard thats chill and doesnt need to go all TSA. Also, being super nice and smiling at them sort of distracts. I usually do their job for them while trying to hide shit, if i had anything to sneak in. Like I have all my electronics in a plastic bag, I say ''here, this is all in a bag, thats all youre gonna find in there''. Meanwhile theres somethign else they wouldnt even consider looking for right under their nose, but they wont think about it cause you decided to organize everything in one place and make their life easier.

    Quote Originally Posted by JustSteve View Post
    Fake wristbands of 2017, some of these are priceless

    Looks like a mix of fakes with ones that didnt work, and they knew would get found out. Cause the colors and everything look correct.
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    I had 4 cans in my bag, three beers and one red bull, which I completely forgot I was carrying. I had pre-gamed a bit and lots count of what I had on me and it was an honest mistake.

    The top of my bag was open a bit and the security guard saw the beer can and just grabbed it and said "no outside alcohol!" I was genuinely surprised and told him that I was sorry and totally forgot it was in there and no problem, I understand he has to take it, that's cool.

    He said, 'thanks for understanding' and let me in.

    It was later I discovered I still had two beers and a red bull in my bag- it was like my own personal Christmaschella.

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    Quote Originally Posted by craigmcgrouther View Post
    in VIP w1 I walked through a metal detector all three days and that was it. total joke.
    With only a few metal detectors and not enough staff 2016 VIP security lines were atrocious -- we ended up trudging down the yellow path to GA at least one of the days -- so I'm glad they did something to fix it this year.

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    My brother's metal flask set off the metal detector every day, he would say "Sorry, I have metal" and that was a good enough explanation for the security guards. This year was also the fastest I've ever gone through car camping security, it took about 20 minutes.
    This ain't no middle of the mall shit.

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    At least for weekend 2, agree with most others that the security was the most lax I'd ever experienced. Never once was I patted down, even after beeping in the metal detector ("oh, just your bracelet," or "oh, just your watch"). They barley looked through my bag and didn't open any zipper pockets or look in my cigarette pack or anything. I wish I would have tried to bring more in! Especially after seeing a few people with canned beers in the crowd. This was coming the first two days from lot 14B on the blue path and once from the shuttles on the yellow path.
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    I was able to sneak in a little plastic flask and other stuff every day and would just chill near the gate while I finished my beer and surveyed which lines have the most chill security. On Sunday one of my campmates sneaked in a bottle of Jameson much to our surprise. When the security opened his backpack he had like 6 shirts wrapped up tightly with a bandana wrapped around it. The security guard was like WTF and my friend proceeded to explain that all the extra shirts were for once it got cold at night. The guard unwrapped one shirt only to find 5 more, tapped it with a prong and explained how the shirts kinda has the the look of a bottle of alcohol and sounded like a glass bottle. My friend just shrugged it off and the guard unwrapped another shirt and was like WTF is this bro. He brought a manger and manger said "whatever just let him bring in his shirts in." That botttle was clutch.
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