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Thread: Sell out?

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    Default Sell out?

    Do you think the three day passes will sell out, and how soon will they sell out??

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    If they sell out, before it even happens Goldenvoice will make an announcement on here that it will be happening soon. Like last year a week before the festival, they announced that Day 1 was almost sold out, a few days later it did. Then the same happend with Day 2 last year, again it sold out a coulple days later..

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    I'm from UK and would like to know what is the average sell out time based on previous years?

    I plan to buy 3 day pass (maybe more than 1, depending who wants to go with me).

    Thanks in advance
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    last year it sold out like just a few weeks before the event... usually doesn't sell out months before

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    Do you know by any chance what credit cards are accepted ? I can't find anything about it on the tickermaster website..

    Thanks !


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    def. VISA
    We have a cast like ABBA
    We look like SUPERSTARS
    We sound like THE MOCKERY

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