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Thread: Lost Sony camera!!

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    Unhappy Lost Sony camera!!

    I am officially the saddest person alive. I lost my camera on Saturday April 28th evening/night at Coachella. Here is a list of description:

    --silver Sony CyberShot DSC W-50 6.0 MegaPixel with attached gray wristband/loop

    --about 101 photos taken/used

    --photos were mainly of me: dark hair, white tank top/dress, wearing straw hat with black ribbon, knee-hi black boots AND my boyfriend: tall middle-eastern with dark hair, striped tank top, with red and white scarf around his neck in some photos

    --there was also about 2 movies taken amongst the photos

    --LAST PHOTOS TAKEN: photos of me at Red Hot Chili Peppers show with fingers up (showing how small the performers looked from where I was)

    PLEASE CONTACT ME IF ANY OF THIS IS FAMILIAR!! Seriously, I am so sad about this.

    YOU CAN EVEN KEEP THE CAMERA (I just want my memory stick or photos!)

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