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Thread: Finding that one day

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    Cool Finding that one day

    I am not able to get the whole weekend off, I was wondering if any of you have ever gone to chella Sunday to find someone selling their wristband for that one day? If so, where are they usually at?! And was it hard to find someone?

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    craigslist is your it's easy....problem is prices are in the $220-$300 range....
    yea I know it's only for one day...but not once in my many many many years of going have I seen Sunday 1 day passes for cheap.....
    sure there's the occasional one that pops up for someone jamming out at the last second ...problem is once it's posted it's bought up within a minute....either by someone going or a scalper who's going to resell it.

    I always look weekend 2....because I go weekend 1....hoping I can get back in for a day or two for cheap....not once has it happened.
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