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    beat shit up.

    Great call playing electric hollow bodies instead of acoustics where the EQ is annoying as shit.

    Sounded great. Played different versions of their songs that maintained the amazing harmonies and didn't dick-around too much, a difficult balance.

    -The vocal effect+harmonies on "The Knife" were ballin'
    -"Lullabye" was jizz-worthy.
    -whatever they closed with was sick

    Even any sound leakage from other stages wasn't enough to stop the groove that they had going

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    Yeah they were great. Knife was amazing live. I just wish they didn't end their set so early. I think they left the stage like 10 minutes before they were scheduled to end.

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    yeah, and they only played a few songs. their set was definitely way way too short.
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    Quote Originally Posted by soolovely View Post
    if you like grizzly bear, check out Spin's digital edition! it's free!
    stop spamming

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    Nobody cares about a magazine that puts Fall Out Boy on the cover. More than once.
    Oh, yeahhhh!
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