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Thread: A beautiful new discovery!!

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    Default A beautiful new discovery!!

    Thanks to ultra8201's wonderful links page, I stumbled across the myspace for ANATHALLO. Now listening to their album Floating World which is really a pleasant surprise. Fans of Sufjan, Arcade Fire, Animal Collective, Belle & Sebastian, or Grizzly Bear definitely check it out. Great, great album.

    PS I'm a total Pitchfork and Metacritic geek (I'm sure I'm not alone here) and have never heard of these guys. Very under-the-radar I guess.

    Lemme know whatcha think...or tell me that I'm a loser cuz I didn't already know about them.

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    Default Re: A beautiful new discovery!!

    Some of the blogs were saying good things, I think it was Gorilla vs. Bear and I Guess I'm Floating who championed them quite a bit.

    But when it finally got 'forked they were more than a little angry that somebody who wasn't Pitchfork-discovered and gave it the obligatory -5.0 point penalty. This was probably the ugliest rating I saw on there all year: A freakin 2.7.

    So, according to Pitchfork standards this is one of the worst records of the year. I've yet to listen but I've got 20 dollars that say that's a bullshit statement and I'd rather listen to it than at least something on their top 20 of the year.

    I love the 'fork, they're second most influential thing in my musical tastes - behind Coachella. But man, they can be some seriously completely full of shit dickwads sometimes.

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    Default Re: A beautiful new discovery!!

    ouch I don't like the record.

    JK that's's really ambient cool melodic stuff and the lead singer's got a great sufjan or jose gonz.

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