THe Ups....

The best
1) The Arcade Fire (Blew me away, fucking amazing! I was in awe)
2) Red Hot Chili Peppers (Never seen them before so this was amazing for me it was like a religious experiance)
3) Jack's Mannequin (Their set rocked my socks, that lead singer has some energy)
4) Peter Bjorn & John (Loved every min. of this set fucking amazing)
5) The Teriakai Chicken Bowls at the Hawaiian Food Vendor (Hit the spot so good!)
6) The weird clown guy mopping the grass at the Mist oasis (he was soooo hilarious)

The Down's

The worst
1) The Heat (does anyone know if that was a record for Coachella or something Saturdays heat was way too much, I was dead. It had to be like 105 or something.)
2) Pop Levi (I couldnt get into them no matter how much i tried)
3) The weird security gaurd that yelled at me (he kept telling me that he was watching me, then he would turn and talk to his friends.)
4) The Decemberists (Other than being really funny they were just really average I expected more)
5) 5 stoned assholes (One guy punched me in the arm, another told me how i shouldnt get mad beacuse my girlfriend is hot enough, another threw water on me. So when they tried to push in front of me i elbowed one of the guys in the gut and he fell backwards on his ass but didnt know what hit him)
6) The pizza I ate (Made my stomach hurt)

Oh i have a lot a lot of Saturday pictures on my MySpace page, pictures of the crowd and bands at....