This message was initially intended for the Coachella Event Coordinators (Administrators), but they don't make themselves available, so I'm writing to all who are willing to spend hard-earned money and TIME to see their favorite artists; What I saw today (Fri.) was absolutely brutal: Will Call folks had to wait in line for NO LESS THAN 2.5 HOURS!!! I saw people who paid full price being forced to miss out on half a day's worth of entertainment because they were standing in line getting burned up by both the desert sun and the unprofessional, unaccomodating, disrespectful staff (and this comment extends all the way to the Indio P.D.) All efforts to expedite the entry and exit processes of the Festival appeared to be non-existent. My carpool and I spent OVER 2 HOURS simply exiting the parking lot. Not to mention the time it took to get from the parking lot to Monroe St. There were 2 traffic patrol people directing fans out of the lot at midnight, neither of whom seemed to be concerned with their job performance.
And also, it's 7$ per beer once you get in.
I feel that fans who go to these measures to see their favorite artists perform are being disrespected from the beginning of the Festival until the end.
My experience was so uninviting that I will NEVER attend the Coachella Music & Arts Festival again, no matter how much I am devoted to my favorite artists.
For any of you who bothered to read all of this I invite you to respond, even if you are offended by what I have just said.