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Thread: Bringing in bottled water

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    Default Re: Bringing in bottled water

    in '07, on both saturday and sunday, me and two friends brought an entire case of water bottles, still in the wrapper into the fest from camping, they didn't even ask. stashed it in a locker. water all day.

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    Default Re: Bringing in bottled water

    Quote Originally Posted by suprefan View Post
    2 words... camper entrance...
    Pretty much. All they're really checking for coming in from the camping entrance is drugs.

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    I dunno. Lots of the arguments seem hypocritical to me. Can't we leave it simply as: I loved the shit out of it, some hated the shit out of it, and that's just how some shows go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ContessaTheGreat View Post
    I think I remember there being like water fountains or something.
    Nah its just a hose by the food court

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    Default Re: Bringing in bottled water

    they had fountains. a hose hooked up to some PVC pipe with holes in it.
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