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    this is from, (the drummer of the Police) posted Jan 12, 2007:

    The word is out, the medias are waiting for the definitve answer to the same old question: are The Police coming back on stage in 2007 to celebrate their 30th Annyversary since the release of their first single? Nothing's confirmed by now; A&M will release some new interesting and great items that will see the light during the year: 'The Police Around The World' on dvd, one of the best video release ever The Police released back in 1981, and a second box set, the sequel of 'Message In A Box' (Vol. 2), full of tracks not included in the first box released in the mid-Nineties.

    The band is thinking about a special appearance to accompany the releases and the celebration of the 30th anniversary, but as already said, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. Keep on checking the newspage to get the definitive answer that medias and fans from all around the world are waiting for.

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    This mentions nothing that we didnt know.. And they are performing at the Grammys on Feb 11th..

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