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Thread: Weekend 2 convert

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 convert

    I opted to get passes for W2, but we haven't actually decided if we're gonna go yet. I just can't deal with the stress of trying to get W1 during presale or regular sale, so now we have options.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 convert

    Quote Originally Posted by travelfan View Post
    Well after all this, the only option for us with wife's job is Weekend 1. So back to teenagers, delayed sets, and green grass I go.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 convert

    I'll be back for WK 2 next year. Buying my pass this morning was a breeze. Yay.

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    Default Re: Weekend 2 convert

    Quote Originally Posted by cliffsmith83 View Post
    and slightly cooler weather.
    Saturday and Sunday Weekend 2 weather were IDEAL this year aside from a 45 minute blustery section of Sunday afternoon. It was like 85-88ish and sunny. So nice.

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