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Thread: Interpol and Jesus and Mary Chain

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    JAMC at sunset makes sense, followed by Interpol and Bjork. But when do Jarvis and Sonic Youth play?

    Jarvis and JAMC...neither has played America in almost 10 years so scheduling them at the same time would be horrible, but I don't think that will happen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonflyprincessfairy View Post
    Not to burst bubbles, but it was my opinion that MADONNA sucked last year. I was excited at first, BUT, she decided to show up 20-30 minutes late for her set, we got to listen to 2 or 3 songs, but left because Madonna and Tool DID overlap last year. Then she didn't even play over for her dumb-ass being late. I love her, but that was a waste just walking over there. Luckily we left early enough to be so close to Maynard....

    First of all I thought Madonna sucked too! complete waste of time. However, just to set the record straight, Tool and Madonna DID NOT overlap. Had madonna actually shown up on time, the dumb broad would have played a whole set which would have not interfered with tool either way. She didnt finish playing her whole set because a couple of bands were scheduled to play after her.

    I remember we left the Sahara tent (dissapointed) and hauled ass to see tool...and we must have waited almost 2 hours before they went on, we even saw Massive Attacks full set. This might refresh your memory:

    Hope this link helps autumn as well

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    I really do hop Jarvis, Interpol, & JAMC play at different times so I can see them all! Especially Jarvis & JAMC since I have never seen them!

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    Obviously, no one's really going to know how the bands' set times will be set up until they're announced or even planned out. Remember, last year Kanye West got added to the lineup super last minute, so we might be dealing with the same thing this year.

    However, I still think that Interpol are definitely going to play the main stage before Bjork. I'm not sure if the Jesus and Mary Chain will. Yes, it's an extremely hyped reunion (trust me, hearing that they'd be reuniting for this show made Coachella 07 MANDITORY for me), but I just can't see them playing the main stage. I'm hoping they play the outdoor stage at night. I wouldn't mind if they played at the same time as Interpol, so long as I don't have to miss either Bjork or Sonic Youth.

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