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seriously...$250 (+ ass rape service charge) for a 3 day pass, and thats not including cost of travel, place to stay, and food/drink/party supplies.

GV figured it out. now they can make more money off the same amount of bands by spreading it out. Now its 3 days, and they somehow charge more for each day, even though there are less bands per day, and they make way more money. GV, i thought you were different, but now i see you are just the same as everybody else. good job you blood sucking assholes.

dont get me wrong, i love coachella, but partly cuz it used to me more about quality music and less about the almighty dollar that dominates the rest of the entertainment industry. but now it seems to be evening out. still a great lineup, but way too expensive.

thank god i make decent money or i wouldnt be able to enjoy all this good music. sucks for the hard core music fans that dont have the luxury of being rich (not that i am, but i live comfortably, until april. then i eat top roman for a couple months). not everybody has an extra $500 (at the very least) to go see a good festival. i liked it better when it was 2 days, $75/day, and just as many bands, and i only had to take 1 day off work, not 2.

as a staple of the coachella lineup once said...

"cash in now honey!"

You make it sound as if GV is denying people food and shelter....this is a 3 day festival....no one is guaranteed to be able to afford entertainment in life....its discretionary!

No one is forcing you or anyone else to attend all 3 days..........going to Coachella and having enough money for "party supplies" is not a right, nor are your required to attend.

Keep in mind that GV incurs a risk every year.....the first Coachella almost put Goldenvoice out of business......would you have kicked-in a few extra bucks to help them absorb the losses that year?....they are far from "Blood sucking assholes"

Instead of hoping them to keep the ticket price down at your level, why not worry about being able to increase your income so that you can come up to their level?