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Thread: Lots of pickpockets this year.

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    Default Re: Lots of pickpockets this year.

    Yeah, this thread is BS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baily View Post
    Either they are the criminal of the day or you are beyond stupid

    someone unbuttons your pants and you don't notice...add to it no one around saw them and did anything...

    This reeks of BS
    I love this line too much and will have in my pocket (hehe) when some stupid shit goes down to someone I know irl

    And yeah, that sounds fishy as fuck that you don't wanna see who has the nerve to fondle you in the first place.
    Quote Originally Posted by RotationSlimWang View Post
    Smooches. =)
    Quote Originally Posted by guedita View Post
    Shut it down.

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    Default Re: Lots of pickpockets this year.

    Got my phone stolen (pickpocketed) and set it to lost mode. A few days later I got a notification from Apple that lost mode was turned off and their were login attempts into my somehow they got past my password.

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    Default Re: Lots of pickpockets this year.

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