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Thread: Weekend 2 group needs 3 to stay with us

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    I have a house with a bunch of friends staying. Will be 16 or 17 of us total (including you.) All good vibes positive people. Most of us have 2-6 years under our belt. We rented the same house last year and it worked out great. Cost is $200 a person. We can arrange for you to have your own bedroom if you are uncomfortable crashing on a couch or air mattress. Address of the house is 50316 San Capistrano Drive, 92236. It's a long walk to and from because the way they have streets blocked, but definitly doable as we did it there and back 2 days last year.

    Splitting the cost equally comes to $200 a person. Checking in Thursday afternoon/ evening and checking out Monday.
    Please dm or email if interested or have questions. Dhadobas222 @ yahoo dot com

    Trying to fill in the gaps of several people that backed out. Mostly girls, 3 guys total right now. Feel free to call or text as well 702 682 7773.


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    Filled up. Thanks for your interest!

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