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Thread: One person, me, looking to carpool on Fri.

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    Default One person, me, looking to carpool on Fri.

    I'm the only person I know who is going on Friday only.
    Everybody else I know is either going for the entire weekend or on Sunday only.
    I am either looking to join a carpool, or find someone who wants to carpool - I don't mind driving as long as we split the cost of gas.
    If I could find a carpool going from LA (mid-Wilshire area) to Coachella, that'd be awesome. I will most certainly chip in my fair share of money for gas.

    I don't care what time on Friday we leave as long as I can get there on time to see Amy Winehouse haha. However I DO prefer to go straight back to LA after the fest...I'm not one to loiter around much after shows. (although stopping by to eat somewhere on the way back is OK). Thanks!

    Contact me asap:
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    Default Re: One person, me, looking to carpool on Fri.


    Just sent you an email. I am looking for a ride Friday, returning early Saturday. Do you want to carpool? I'll of course chip in for gas. I live in Westwood.


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