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Thread: 2016: how to find answers on the website 101

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    Red face 2016: how to find answers on the website 101

    The website has 99% of the info you seek. You just gotta look, and read.

    PRO TIP: A lot of info/updates are added the final days before the show, so check back often.

    What's going on in camping? Where can I charge my phone? What is going on in some of those random sponsor tents? This is all in the festival directory: htt Food/Bev here too. and more coming soon.

    PRO TIP: There are a few major ways to find info.

    One is simply looking at the MENU. Go to the home page and click on MENU in the upper left corner.

    The other is to visit the "KNOWLEDGE BASE" (also accessible from the menu)

    Shipping info:

    Will call box office:

    Festival (venue) rules & random info:

    Festival (venue) FREQUENTLY asked questions & answers:

    CAMPING info/rules/FREQUENTLY asked questions:

    Parking? Companion parking info/hours/etc is on this page too!

    ADA (Americans with Disabilities):

    Activating Wristband:

    Pick up/Drop off info:


    Can't find what you're looking for? Part of the 1%? Post question below and If I can direct you to the answer I will. Sometimes you may need to email Sometimes your answer is best left to the message board of experience. Most of the time, it's on the website. A lot of times people don't like the answer on the website. But if it's there, it's usually there because that IS the answer.

    HAPPY COACHELLA.. I'll edit/add to this post as needed.
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    Default Re: 2016: how to find answers on the website 101

    Dang it, I just bought a metal water bottle just for the fest

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    Default Re: 2016: how to find answers on the website 101

    Instructions unclear...dick in toothpaste tube! jk

    If your a noob also read this:

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