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    Exclamation CAMPING RIDDLE.

    There are four of us. We have two two-person tents, and a one-person tent. Three of us are going down Thursday night to set up, and the fourth will be arriving Friday morning. Will we be allowed to set up two two-person tents, under the pretense that the fourth is arriving Friday morning? Or are two of us going to have to squeeze into a one-person tent since only three of us will be there to set up Thursday night?

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    set up whatever tents you want
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    it's basically the honor system when checking in. the organizers know we are coming from all over the globe and meeting ppl at the festival & can't expect us to all arrive at the entrance at the same time like those idiot restaurants do...
    if u read the FAQs from the onsite camping sections, you will whoever is first onsite needs to tell the camp counsellor how many are in your group & how many tents you need room for. then u call the other ppl in your party and let them know what spot to look for (section K-23 for example). it's roughly 7ftx7ft of square space per person. Example, i have an 8 man tent, 16ftx10ft, so i need to tell them i have at least 3 ppl in my tent (arriving seperately of course)...but really it will be just me and my diviated septum snoring up a storm.

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    Going to Coachella, Four young married couples wish to cross a river in a small boat....
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    Two of the wives are brunette. One of the husbands is a professional basketball player. One couple is from Paris.

    It is 97 degrees and partly cloudy.

    How long will it take them to cross the river?

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    to get to the other side
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