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    If anyone wants to get rid of their Friday ticket for cheap, let me know.

    I am in Riverside and can pick up or I can meet you there at the show. Change of plans now allows me to go on Friday only =)

    This is the going rate on ebay recently...

    So please only consider me if you have an extra you want to dump or sell for cheap. I can't afford much but thought maybe some kind hearted person would want to make someone's year a little bit better =)

    Thanks guys,

    you can reach me at

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    Default Re: WANTED : 1 FRIDAY TICKET

    Going to buy one tonight on Ebay if no one has any good offers.

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    Default Re: WANTED : 1 FRIDAY TICKET

    Theres some threads with 50-60 range go look at them

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    Default Re: WANTED : 1 FRIDAY TICKET

    Quote Originally Posted by d_apathy View Post
    Theres some threads with 50-60 range go look at them
    No need, just won one 4 on ebay for $100 (100% Feedback / lots of transactions). Gonna sell the other ones to anyone who needs Friday tickets CHEAP!
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