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Thread: from COACHELLA to RENO (TOOL 4/30!)

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    Exclamation from COACHELLA to RENO (TOOL 4/30!)

    ANYBODY going to the TOOL show in Reno the monday after coachella. I planning on making the friends are pussin' out....they think I am going to be worn out after the weekend (esspecially after RAGE!). Well I dont think I will be. I live in the bay area (san jose) and want to go to the show. Its gonna be tight...but I think we will make it. Leave the feilds in the morning and head to Reno. I got a place we can stay in tahoe (kings beach) and have a car and possible extra tix. Let me know whats up. No better way to end the weekend with TOOL! I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT!

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    hey if you have tickets and this is still available i am 1000% up for this, do you have an email or something i could contact you on? also i messaged you about a ride on the way here to coachella too...if that is still available!
    my email is

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    I will also be going from San Jose to Coachella to Reno. Tool!!!!
    But I am going to be flying from LA to Sacto and have someone picking me up. I sent you a PM.

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