I've got two other friends(hopefully three, I'm buying 4 tickets and camp passes) and I who will be renting a car and driving out there and camping along the way, we'll be leaving the 23rd (maybe the 24th if one of the guys can't take the finals for one of his classes early) and coming back may 3rd or 4th but plan on taking our time and camping the whole way and while there.
if theres 4 or us it will be 200 a piece (400 for car(10 days unltd miles) 400 for gas) if we have 7 of us it will be 130 (450 van 450 gas) these are not exact and we'd split costs evenly, any body that was going to ride with us I'd want to know just a little bit about and more than likley meet you before hand and hang out to make sure your not any more crazy than I am (we will be living together for a week).

your best bet for getting a hold of me is through myspace


I check it more than anything else