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Thread: Golf or Tennis

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    Default Golf or Tennis

    I live in an area where most people's lives revolve around these two sports and, not to potentially sway right off the bat, I prefer tennis. It's a challenging, physical game with momentum and other intangibles that makes it great. Golf, well, golf is golf. You don't really need to be in any kind of shape, you pay obscene amounts of money to parade around in awful attire on these over-watered, green courses in a drought stricken land. Golf almost seems an irresponsible endeavor plus the Longpigs condemned it in their song 'Gangsters' ("And on the streets there's an advert real people pickled to the bone by the vultures of culture, golf, hold on to yourself") and their opinion has to hold a lot of weight.

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    Not only is it more entertaining to play, when was the last female champion you thought about in Golf? Michelle Wie? And she hasn’t even won anything. Tennis has had Serena, Venus, Stephi, Martina, Billy Jean, Chris, Maria. One name legends.

    While no doubt some people are off put by all the grunting associated with tennis, there are others like my neighbor Jaclyn mentioned being sexually stimulated when the male players shout out after a dominant play. One of the perks of living right next to the country club courts and one for sure to increase home values.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    I guess since nobody has stood up for the gentlemens game, I'll champion it's cause. You have some valid points that yes, nobody really pays attention to the LPGA and even though she has the most dominant single career of all sports, Anika Sorenstam probably isn't a headlining name anymore. However there are other prominent names other than Michelle Wie, like Michelle Creamer, Si Ri Pak, Natalie Gulbis in recent years and Dottie Pepper, Babe Zakarias, and notably Dinah Shore.

    The game itself is more of a mental challenge than physicality of tennis. However Eldrick Woods has changed that and recently golfers have become more physically tuned than in previous generations. Each course has it's own challenges that are unique to itself and maintains a personality in itself as much as the golfers that play it. St. Andrews, Doral, TPC Sawgrass, Pebble Beach, Agusta, even TPC Phoenix are remarkable locals that are amazing. I guess the grass at Wimbledon or the red clay in France are specific, but what makes US Open or Australian Open remarkable? Can you name any other tournament that isn't a Major? And is there anything unique about them?

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    erm, BNP Paribas Indian Wells Tournament (disclosure: I really only know about this as it's right down the street and is going on this very weekend). It's also the notorious site of the Williams racial barrage fifteen years ago where the white privileged rained down nasty epithets on Serena after she withdrew from a match at the last minute due to injury. A sore mark on the sport for sure, but golf is also known for it's history of non-inclusiveness and heavy caucasian superiority complexes along with other questionable behavior.

    It's okay if you are white, which I'm sure you are, but what other sport has had prostitutes camped out in common 2-3 person tents waiting to lure golfers in for a mid-round quickie*? You think Ivan Lendl got head from the ballboy in the tunnel? Maybe, but never in the midst of a tournament match. Golfers just don't feel the need to have to concentrate throughout and breaks, sexual or otherwise, don't bother them like tennis, because golf doesn't command the same level of committment and respect. It's just golf. "Well, I just got done fuckin and it's off to the Par 4 twelve. Zip up my pants first. My days been whores and fores I tell ya.".

    It's said a popular Ex-president out here, Ike, spent over 1,000 days playing golf or involved in some other golf-related activity during his presidency. A third of his days. How irresponsible is that? A poor showing in the country's time of leadership need and it can all be blamed on one sport. You guessed correctly.


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    Golf is better. You don't have to prance around in those silly tennis outfits and worry if the court is going to be clay, dirt or grass.

    Golf is just manicured lawns. You get exercise, as well as a nice outing, and you don't have to sweat!
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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Calvin Ball
    Anything is possible...

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    missionary position followed by shopping at Diane's on El Paseo complete with '80s font on the awning. Golf endorsement is not surprising.

    Saying the word "tennis" is even sexier than saying "golf". Try it aloud. Saying golf is like putting an alkaseltzer in your morning water glass. Plop.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Although tennis balls are larger and furry, golf balls have cute little dimples.
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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis


    Quote Originally Posted by MotorAve View Post
    Careful, while the threats are amusingly clueless, I could probably have this whole board shut down with one phone call.
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    2. Migos- The new Beatles.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Serena into the French Open finals going for her 22nd Grand Slam title. What an American legend. Meanwhile nobody knows what is going on with the four letter word golf.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    I have to say it: I have never and will never get golf. What it is, why it is a "sport" and how ppl can stay awake watching it. Lol.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Golf > Tennis all day

    What sport does every type of pro athlete play? GOLF.

    It's one of the most challenging sports to be good at, even for exceptional athletes. You can also play it slugging beers with the boys.

    Tennis has its place, too. It's extremely fun to play and a difficult sport but for most people it doesn't have the same level of appeal as golf.
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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Quote Originally Posted by lawimiller View Post
    I have to say it: I have never and will never get golf. What it is, why it is a "sport" and how ppl can stay awake watching it. Lol.
    lol is right my man, lol is right. Banish golf. In all fairness I need to post an impressive golf hole I saw on a hike near my house.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Quote Originally Posted by Highly Refined Pirate View Post
    What sport does every type of pro athlete play? GOLF.
    Cmon, it's the only sport their respective teams endorse and encourage for their athelete's not to overwork in the offseason and limiting whose knees or ankles potentially blow out. Does anyone ever think Tiger hadn't really been physically injury plagued the last many years? Golf is a fart in the wind, tennis is power and is even more precision. The golf ball is stationary lol

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    you tee off under that tree. Course drops down fourty or fifty feet in elevation to the fairway. Big Horn GC.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Quote Originally Posted by lawimiller View Post
    I have to say it: I have never and will never get golf. What it is, why it is a "sport" and how ppl can stay awake watching it. Lol.
    i use to think the same thing then one day i went out and played a few holes with my friend and had a blast. i went a few more times and have had an positive outlook on the sport for the last 10 years. tennis has more attractive women thou.

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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    combin for 3am tail Arby's parking lot no condom

    If he can make a comeback, under the right conditions, then I may switch vote to golf for the story alone.
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    Default Re: Golf or Tennis

    Personally I never enjoyed tennis very much, I am more of a squash guy. Squash you only have to get the ball back to the wall... tennis - fuck me thats a tricky game to get the ball over the net AND in the court AND not give your opponent a sitter to destroy you.

    Golf is brilliant, and equally as fun to play by yourself or with a group. Its low intensity exercise which is nice as I prefer my high intensity exercise to be in the gym or in the sack.
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