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Thread: Texas to coachella?

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    Default Texas to coachella?

    Hey so my friends bailed on me and now I'm stuck with my weeknd 1 tix. I'm still debating on whether to sell it or to go, we only live once right? Lol anyway, anyone going to coachella from Texas ?

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    its a no brainer. Most likely the last chance to see slash destroy it, LCD be LCD and a potential NWA performance. I gave up the chance to go the yr dre and snoop headlined and therefor missed the tupac hologram. To this day it still haunts me. You'll make life long friends there i can gaurantee you that

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    we are coming from Houston, plance tickets can be less than $200. Coacehlla will be the time of your life.

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    Yeah we are coming from Texas also (Houston). The Flights are cheap like they said found a round trip flight to LAX for $230. All we are deciding on now, is the ride from LAX to Coachella, since we have tent camping. Well good luck and the line up is well worth it. Saw Slash with Myles Kennedy at the Woodlands but to see them reunited should be awesome


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    Hii, I will be attending week 2 am from Dallas, Tx and found good deals on southwest airlines $75 for a round trip and I actually just planned the trip 3 weeks ago. You should download the app couchSurfing and look for Coachella weekend 2 and that's how I met some friends I will be camping with. add me on IG - richy_ramirez

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    I'm coming from Austin with a friend we're going weekend 2 and we got a really good deal on our flights from Southwest.

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    Anybody driving this year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dinaaaa View Post
    Anybody driving this year?
    I'm thinking about driving this year too.
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    Driving from El Paso, done it all four times I've been to Coachella.
    Stay on the I-10 and don't get off until indio. Sort of boring but pretty easy drive. usually make it in about 9/10 hours.

    Sometimes I'll stay the night in PHX depending on how me and my passengers feel.

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